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  1. 5 hours ago, Dripping For Britney said:

    Omg I didn't realize Mileys album flopped so hard :anxiety:

    Well she's managed by Britney's team, what do you expect? Same way that Camilla is more relevant rn when FH were literally huge..they just manage to f**k things up the jewels they have. 

  2. 12 minutes ago, naturalplayboy said:

    I just want another till the world ends. It’s so generic but it’s still one of my favorite Britney songs to hear.

    like randomly in the store, on the radio, in the club. Like it just makes you feel good.

    True. and was her biggest radio hit since BOMT. 

  3. 1 hour ago, ss0725 said:

    This was the first time I saw Britney live (2009 in Vancouver). The concert as a whole was spectacular and I LOVED this era...  but there was a lot of walking back and forth or circling the stage. Felt like they strategically did the big three ring circus stage to excuse her lack of dancing and so she could pace around or be rolled around on something. I agree her facial expressions/swagger feels like Primeney. But the dancing wasn’t great/was kind of nonexistent (aside from a few songs... Mannequin and Toxic come to mind). I loooved all the costumes, the production value, the live ‘You Oughta Know’ cover and the Marilyn Manson interlude!

    I was there in Van too- she didn't sing You Oughta Know at our tour! Yea, it was electric, but post the weed incident, the crowd wasn't AS enthused IMO. 

    THe first three songs tho- CIrcus, POM, Radar- were fire. it was like watching old Britney. Kinda felt downhill from there. 

  4. 14 hours ago, iZacaree said:

    During the Circus era, we knew that she still wasn't 100% better and we knew that her dancing was really lazy, but we all hoped that it would get better over time and that she would keep improving. Obviously, that didn't happen, and, in fact, it only got worse - especially through the Femme Fatale era. So now, the Circus era is the highlight of her post-breakdown career. She has shown brief glimpses of her "primeney" energy (like the 2016 BBMA's), but it's been mostly bad.

    I definitely agree with the sentiment that we thought she was going to get better. But in my opinion, aside from the annoying new habits, she's night and day with POM than she was with Circus. When I saw POM videos opening night, I was floored. She was dancing choreo for the first time since the breakdown. Yea, it's not perfect, but BBMA 2016, post revamp POMney, are all miles better than Circusney in terms of performance. Yes, the Circus production was the last masterpiece..but if you combined that with the current POMney, it would be pretty epic.