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  1. Because it's where artists go to die. Relevant artists don't do that, I dont care what trend Britney started.
  2. Europney needs to focus more on that continent. in the future. My French friends didn't even know she released any new music in years.
  3. Historically, most signs point to 'no, she was not singing live.'
  4. An underrated performance

    The girl at 4:24. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2866195/VH1-star-DEAD-alongside-rapper-husband-murder-suicide-argument-infidelity-famous-singer.html
  5. An underrated performance

    This is the performance that has her dancer that got shot by her boyfriend afterwards. RIP.
  6. Madonna: Pop’s Female Succubus

    Fair, they weren't huge. but they were the IT girl group for a little while. Work was on every radio and they got a dedicated group of fans.
  7. Madonna: Pop’s Female Succubus

    Well she's managed by Britney's team, what do you expect? Same way that Camilla is more relevant rn when FH were literally huge..they just manage to f**k things up the jewels they have.
  8. Ah really? I thought TTWE was bigger! Thanks.