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    She looks amazing in the OP I will say that....serving Britney face
  2. Why she never dances “on time”?

    this. BBMA2016 was proof she can bring it if she can be bothered. Me and so many of my friends watch it every time we get together cause we just cant get enough.
  3. 2016ney SLAYED your life

    Honestly, I'm really not slayed in the slightest by that.
  4. The Make Me video has been scrapped

    You can't beat this slayage tbh...we aren't worthy
  5. Imagine If She Cared About POM: The Tour...

    Don't get upset about the miming, we know thats 100% not gonna change unless she throws in a song thats not by her I would DIE to see 2018ney sing You Oughta Know though.