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  1. What did you think of the 55 hour marriage?

    I was too young to care tbh
  2. Kensworthy talks Blackout!

    get dat promo Blackout
  3. how much do britney's dancers get paid?

    ask them and tell us
  4. Mario Testino photo in colour

    no, obviously
  5. Mario Testino photo in colour

    isnt dat one of glen nutley's pics?
  6. somewhere around Stronger's release date
  7. That one time britney couldnt be stopped...

    if she stopped they could have fix it properly
  8. She got a standing ovation from Janet Jackson

    are WORLD MUSIC AWARDS still a thing?
  9. London is the perfect opportunity to film a POM DVD

    they'll postpone POM DVD cuz they gonna extend the residency until 2021
  10. she slayed circus and womanizer on that promo tour you girls are kreizy!
  11. The day before the opening date of TOHT...

    you have to check the audio for each and every one of the shows also the backdrop videos
  12. Oops I Did it Again [SNL Breakdown Edition]

    Gorl I remember having it on HQ cd ripped. I deleted it cuz I felt empty without titanic dialogue otherwise I would give it to you