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  1. You guys need to stop.
    "Her self" you talkin about is what YOU want from her, but it's not what she IS.
    She is herself now, a happy shy blonde 36 y.o. woman with 2 sons and a great career.

    Stop pretending that she goes back to being that of 20 years ago.

    You have to stop with this boring delusional dumb sh*t. Get a life and enjoy.

  2. 5 hours ago, Goku said:

    Ok, this thread can become a mess like my entire account, BUT.. :whitney:

    Have you noticed how Mr. Gym and Britney are exactly like Daddy and Son from gay couples? :imok:

    You know what I'm talking about... gay boys with daddy issues like me, who wants money an older man to f**k



    1) Britney is 35 but looks 60 50 45. 



    2) She's fucking rich. attention to the details sistresss



    3) She treats him like a son, she's protective and mommy around him. he's the bottom of the couple



    4) britney is very masculine like a daddy

    sam is secretly gay but he prefer older woman with the body of a man



    5) maybe she use a fake d*ck for sex to f**k him, that's why he's so happy



    6) they have both weird pointy noses and he likes that in women apparently



    So, she's rich, older, mummy and masculine. 100% match.

    Is that a Mummy Issues? 



    Are you on drugs?

  3. 17 hours ago, Brichney. said:

    My friend (who goes to UCLA and studies Popular Culture) had an internship at a big record label told me that the industry is run by evil men who worship Satan and control everything and she knows I stan for Brit, she told me that she's been told that the men in charge didn't like Britney and Justin together because they truly loved each other and anything that is love-related is Godly, so it had to end. They were also promoting the image of a virginal couple in love, that wasn't the image the people in charge wanted them to promote. It wasn't sexual enough, too clean, pure and Godly. They are all for torture and pain, they had Justin in a secret meeting and offered him a solo contract with major promo and PR stuff, in return he and Britney had to be over. He agreed. She told me the one who told her, the whistle-blower, so to speak, told her that Justin regrets it, insiders say. But he did do it nevertheless, his Faustian Bargain. He had to sacrifice his love for Britney to prove it to them. It was pain and exposure for both of them, so the execs were happy. Since pain and torture were involved, and they have successfully destroyed a Godly love that united two people. She also told me that this happens to all couples that love each other in the music industry; Bieber and Selena too. That the couples that exist and are seemingly happy are not, they didn't even get to pick each other; they were told that they would be good with each other because the Satanic handlers get to pick YOUR partner for you, and it has to be an initiated member, someone from their circle. 

    I am not saying that this is true, just repeating what I've been told and she sounds legit. She's been snap chatting her whole experience at the label! 

    I always thought there was something very scary about the industry when Whitney said it was common for TV to manipulate the way some people look to influence public opinion? Or MJ talking about a "conspiracy," you know? This sounds believable. Thoughts?  


    What type of drugs your friend is using?

  4. .

    1 hour ago, brintyjoan said:

    Honestly, I don't know what to say...

    Oh, yes you know it.