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  1. Quote your favorite Femme Fatale tracks? Top 10

  2. It's time for me to move along (goodbye)
    It's time for me to get it on (okay)
    I'm tired of singing sad songs (alright)
    It's time for me (Britney, let's go)


    1. patience darling

      patience darling

      I love love love this song 


      feel better :mcry:

  3. Britney ever after on lifetime,  soon ! I was not ready ! Slay.

    Just le-gend. PERIOD :unreal::unreal::unreal:

  4. What's your favorite Circus tracks ?

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    2. patience darling

      patience darling

      Trouble :bwink:

      & Blur, Circus, OFU, IUSA

    3. sweetheart0810


      Aww and anybody for lace or lather ? 


    4. BrittonJeanSpears


      I love it, but it's not a fave.

  5. I'm sorry for running away like this 'n i'm sorry
    i've already made my wish. Ah, but cinderella's
    got to go

  6. I love britney laugh in (drop dead) beautiful  <3

    A little like similar with her great idol janet in got til' it's gone. 

  7. There's only two types of people in the world
    The ones that entertain, and the ones that observe


    1. I'mSoCurious
    2. patience darling

      patience darling

      I've been ADDICTED to this song and album lately.  It's in my car right now :carpoolney:

    3. sweetheart0810


      Yes, that's my drug too :forkit:

  8. I've got my Eye on you! :awks:

  9. Mmm papa love you papa love... :werk:

    1. Iced Tea

      Iced Tea

      You will always be there for me, mmm papa love you mm papa love you!



    2. sweetheart0810
  10. Why should I be sad ? :makesomenoise:

    1. BrittonJeanSpears


      Heaven knooooooows by the stupid freakin' things that you do.

  11. Idk why but I really think that our britney is true ressurection about Maryline Monroe, she's so Physicaly similar! :decisions:


    1. sweetheart0810


      Britney is more Physical like  norma Jean than paris h. Play on imitation oH wait! Jean... :decisions:

  12. 2016 will be kanye west year :begone:

  13. La, la, la la (Yeah)
    Wait 'til I get my money right

  14. Baby, can't you see? I'm calling...

    1. If U Seek Me

      If U Seek Me

      Sorry, I had to put your call on hold. I already had my mum on the phone. :tiffanynod:

    2. sweetheart0810
  15. Why I'm so alone ? Anyway... waiting People :britoverit:

  16. Loneliness is Killing me no more I I STROOONGEEER :kiss:

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  18. All In Your Mind ♂ ♣