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  1. Since I was little I have always been a stan, but lately (a whole year) I've been inactive in exhale and overall about Britney, like POM is going forever, nothing's new now and I feel like I don't wanna listen much her songs like I used to? I rarely now listen her new album or whatever, like I've lost interest in this year. And wanna know if anyone is feeling the same? I think it's because she's been inactive and just focused on POM which it's been the same for like 3 years :/
  2. Why do people not like HIAM MV?

    The concept itself is really good and it has a very good marketing behind it. The thing is, Femme Fatale is a gem, but she in the HIAM video is not the best, it wasn't Britney's best era, in my opinion it was her worse in terms of Britney the superstar. I like it overall tho