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    I'mAMomNow reacted to BreatheOnMoi in Britney’s team sent SP for SOTY and ROTY   
    At least they did SOMETHING 

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    I'mAMomNow reacted to Zephyr. in Britney POM 10/21/2017   
    Found this post from tonight badass pic.
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    I'mAMomNow reacted to Lilith in Britney Spears - Legion   
    I am legion
    I am yours
    I am ruthless
    I am torn
    I am Cesar
    I am sun
    I am human

    I am x10000 I am x200000
    yes let's feed some more Britney's egocentric personality Glad she didn't record it tbh, this sh!t ass song with those lyrics sounds like what 5-6 year old kids read in books to learn words "I am legion" "I am cat" "I am dog" "I am sun" "human" "Caesar salad" "momma" "daddy" "I am shitting my diaper" weeeeeE
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    I'mAMomNow reacted to Goku in most iconic britney's dancer for me   
    imagine having a reunion on stage with all the old dancers like Janet did days ago:
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    I'mAMomNow reacted to jamesedward94 in Is it just me, or is this one of the best POM Me Against the Music openings she’s done???   
    I just looked up POM videos for the first time in forever and I’m SLAYED!!!!!!!!
    I mean, look at the energy!!! This truly has to be one of the best she’s done!!
    The outfit is pretty decent, the hair is perfect, and that fierce look she gives is just like the old Britney!! And I love how she drops down and back up so quick and how she whips her hair so intensely! 
    I’ve been quickly giving up on her recently, but this impressed me!
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    I'mAMomNow reacted to Alexia in October 11 - Piece Of Me Show Professional Pics   
    Enjoy the pics everyone !
    October 11, 2017 - Show - Professional Pictures

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    I'mAMomNow reacted to Body ache in 17 yo Britney did THAT   
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    I'mAMomNow reacted to aijhaypojsen in I LOVE THIS CROWD   
    Yes this was the Manila Show and i was one of the crowd. We were awesome 
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    I'mAMomNow reacted to DJSLAYZEE in I LOVE THIS CROWD   
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    I'mAMomNow reacted to DJSLAYZEE in I LOVE THIS CROWD   
    2:57 when they start singing Madonna's part. 
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    I'mAMomNow reacted to naturalplayboy in XFactorney had her moments.   
    I was just looking back at the blog I used to run during britney's time on the x factor. http://fuckyeahxfactorgifs-blog.tumblr.com/
    A few of my gifs have gone viral and it's crazy to see my little tag in the corner of every meme around.


    But I wana give awareness to some of pretty's great looks that don't get enough attention.

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    I'mAMomNow reacted to NacionalMX in OMG this made me cry!   
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    I'mAMomNow reacted to Gossip Girl in Snooki performed "Work Bitch" for her Dancing with the Stars Finale   
    Just stumbled on this on Youtube. Gem.
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    I'mAMomNow reacted to britmebaby_onemoretime in Rare photos - former Jive employee's IG   
    These may not be rare to everyone else but I think I've only seen one of them before! This guy worked for Jive doing international relations back in the late 90's/early 2000s and he did a lot of traveling with Brit overseas! Enjoy


    #singlebritney? in 2001?

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    I'mAMomNow reacted to BoyToySoldier in OMFG did anyone notice this in Piggy Girls?   
    It was over before this though, that's how terrible Britney and her team are with business decisions. 
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    I'mAMomNow reacted to Pickle Rick in New Breathe On Me - Onyx Hotel leaks   
    I'm not sure if is new at all, but I never seen this before. I love her straight brunette hair 
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    I'mAMomNow reacted to CJMCH in HQ footage of Britney rehearsing Satisfaction (Oops Tour)   
    Best quality yet and untagged.
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    I'mAMomNow reacted to JP9101 in Make Me and Slumber Party   
    Im listening MM and I realize MM and SP *without tinashe*
     is one of the best of Brit  along with Toxic 
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    I'mAMomNow reacted to joel.legend in [VIDEO] M&G Experience in Singapore   
    Hi guys! It's me again!
    Just wanted to share this video of my experience meeting Britney when she was in Singapore!
    Hope you like it
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    I'mAMomNow reacted to If I'm Dancing in When was the last time we saw Primeney?   
    I still get slayed af!! She looked and performed incredible that night that it was worth the long wait imo! Can't wait to see what the new era might bring us!
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    I'mAMomNow reacted to The Greatest Show in When was the last time we saw Primeney?   
    Do Somethin video
    But we saw glimpses at the M&Ms tour and during the Circus era. Sure the dancing wasnt great but she wasnt as "shy" as she is now and had a lot of fire on stage. Also she still had that "effortlessly sexy" thing going and her movements were fluid and went with the beat. She still had proper costumes, lipsynced properly and even sang a tiny bit live, she had proper hair and makeup and she seemed to enjoy herself.

    The only thing that was missing was massive promo a lot of interviews and good choreography.
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    I'mAMomNow reacted to carlogiovanni in When was the last time we saw Primeney?   
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    I'mAMomNow reacted to Million Billion in When was the last time we saw Primeney?   
    Private Show Commercial 
    but back in real life, those lucky ones who attended to the last Onyx Hotel Tour date