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  1. Unfortunately, I think Britney Jean as a whole was very misguided. I'm not sure this song would made it any better. The lyrics seem like a vapid attempt at being someone's battlecry, if that makes sense. I recognize that's harsh. That being said, I think if Britney were to record a "personal" song again,  this would be the type of material we'd get, so I'm actually glad she didn't record this. 

  2. 33 minutes ago, Girl On The Moon said:

    This has always been the reason. I hate when people call her lazy, it must suck for her, as a dancer, to not be able to dance like she used to... ever again.

    I empathize with this 100%. From personal experience, I can attest to the toll dancing at a professional level takes on your body, especially when you tour a lot and aren't able to take as good of care of your body as you should (for example, taking regular dance classes, stretching, warming up before shows, etc.). Britney and I are the same exact age and have sustained similar injuries. My physical capability is limited now, which sucks as dance was a huge part of my life. I honestly admire how much she still dances and how well she's maintained her physical health. A knee pad could be preventative or it could be to rehabilitate a current injury. No idea, but kudos to her for still doing it each week! 

  3. 8 minutes ago, Spearsfan said:

    The era lasted a few days basically. I literally feel like Glory is five years old with how long it feels it's been since anything exciting happened for the actual era. 


    Agreed. And it could've been so much more. It had the substance there the be better. 

  4. I never understood why the media called her "fat" and furthermore, called her "fat" like it was a bad thing. I totally agree that in this video Britney was more curvy than she had been in prior years, but that's not a bad thing. She body still looked incredible and her curves were sexy af! Glad someone else finally appreciates it.

  5. 1 hour ago, Dark.Knight said:

    she'd be like 


    And she would be 100% right! 

    That was incredible. So much props to this crew. What they just did was not easy but they nailed it.

    The thing this highlighted for me was not only does Britney have a ton of iconic choreography, but no one can dance it like Britney. This crew was flawless but they can never touch Britney's swag!

    Britney, the one and only.

  6. it could be that from the stage, she may not hear what's being played to the audience, which is not a stretch, and she may actually be singing but her mic audio isn't fed to the audience. Either way, I live for this new Britney giving more candid interviews and responses. Much better than "cool", "faded", or "I love chocolate and vanilla-scented candles". 

  7. 5 hours ago, Tetris said:

    I will never stop being thankful for every iteration of the over-the-knee boots - even the stockings faux-boots she's wearing now. 

    Because the wedge sneakers are the fucking woooorst. 


    The dress is cute tbh. Imagine it with over the knee boots. 


    MTE! The wedge sneakers and granny boots are the woooooooorst! The make her legs look stumpy.

  8. So I didn't watch the video, but dancers needing to pay for hotel is not entirely unheard of....but they receive a daily tour stipend and can chose to spend it how they like i.e. Doubling up in a room to save money or rooming alone. I used to dance and toured both nationally (U.S.A.) and internationally. I've had companies handle it both way-they pay for it or they give me a stipend and I chose how to spend it. This was only for the hotel. Travel was always covered and planned by the company.

  9. 1 hour ago, BritintheZone said:

    I think the first one was the best


    it fit the set, dancers outfits went well with it just her body and hair werent the best

    the worst for me is actually your best :sipney: 


    The material makes it look cheap. Its unflattering and makes her look big when she is skinny. The embellishment on the middle look like a mess too

    I completely agree with this. Bc of the embellishments on the green costume, i think they needed to use heavier material which made the costume unflattering to her figure. It made her look box-y, the red one does the same. 

    Costume design is so important. She's in such great shape and some costumes like those from the Slave section make her body look snatched whereas some that they have now are super unflattering.