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  1. I've always hated the VMA choreography. It seems way to simple (which, admittedly, 2007 Britney made look worse) but it was also didn't seem like it matched any choreography Britney would do. Maybe that was the point, but I personally was not a fan. 

    Gimme More is one of my favorite songs and I was so worried that after this performance I would never see it live, especially after it wasn't included in TCSBS, so seeing the Femme Fatale version was amazing. But when I saw this POM version, it was everything I was hoping the original would've been! The right choreo, the right costume, the right weave. It was everything!



  2. I could pick just five. Honestly, it's been a bit since I listened to the whole album but this made me realize just how many good songs there are on the album! Definitely a missed opportunity.

    • make me
    • better
    • change your mind
    • slumber party
    • do you want to come over

    honorable mentions

    • mood ring
    • liar 

  3. I was literally just wondering what ever came about with this. It seems like it had more hype after the images leaked, but the campaign seems like such a non-event. Did the campaign launch? Like, where? I'm normally 10000000% in support of Team Britney, but this seems like either a wasted opportunity or just an overall snooze. What a bummer bc this could've been amazing...not just faded and cool. 

  4. On 11/26/2017 at 9:40 PM, carlo923 said:

    This is by no means the absolute worst but it looks like straight up trash


    I feel triggered by this comment! This was one of the best POM costumes and she only wore it once!!! It fit her like a glove and her body was snatched in it.

    coincidentally, this was just uploaded so we get to see this hotness in motion: https://youtu.be/YIgT3Airfcg






  5. 4 hours ago, I am Max. said:

    Gimme More FF remix featuring Get Naked drums was EPIC. I totally live for a mashup of those songs. 

    Oh sh!t! I never noticed that before. I'm living for it. 

    Get Naked has always been my sh!t and the live performance during The Circus Tour was everything. I want her to include it in every tour.

  6. 6 minutes ago, Mayenaise said:

    She literally looks like a robot in the first gif :selenerz:

    The one things POM 1.0 had was that she was just doing the choreography without the annoying mannerisms but now she has more energy with the bad habits...

    MTE! At the beginning, she had accuracy in choreography but missing energy and spark. At the end, it was reverse.

  7. 5 minutes ago, Spearsfan said:

    If you don't promote new music you barely get new fans. All these ppl got huge bases from promoting and exposure. 

    It works hand in hand. Shows make most money. Which I get but not giving out strong eras will eventually hinder the career. If true Gaga will slay Britney in sales. Excuses will be made but more ppl are fans of Gaga currently than Britney because she has exposure of critical acclaim. 

    Britney is just living off past hits. Ppl want new excitement not the same old stuff for years. 

    I don't disagree with you. That's why I said music promotion is at odds with music sales. Music sales are based on on-demand, immediate purchases now, but to your point, in order to build the demand you need promotion. This is a problem for newer artists, whereas for Britney she's got a catalog of great music that will carry here while she releases new albums/singles here and there. I love her but I don't expect much from her in terms of promotion now. I'll still support her and see whatever show she staged in Vegas, if this rumor ends up being true.  

  8. 1 hour ago, Invitation said:

    If Gaga is also doing it, it's an indicator that pop stars are now better off performing constantly than releasing new albums with sales that will never be satisfactory (see Miley and Demi).

    I just wish Britney would still do new music and go on tour every summer since she's gonna have long breaks when Gaga performs.

    I kind of agree with this. Given how purchasing music has changed - streaming/downloading vs physical sales - live performance sales were bound to change too. From a financial perspective, it may start to make sense to have long term residencies than to tour. The part that's missing that will be interesting to see if how the promotional aspect catches up, which seems to be at odds with how the music business is changing. 

  9. It's a bittersweet ending. I know everyone drags Britney's team, but what they were able to accomplish with POM is remarkable. She continues to be a trendsetter and changed the landscape of Vegas forever. Without her, artists like JLo, Gaga, Mariah, etc. wouldn't even be considered for Vegas. And like it or not, Britney came back alive with POM. That "spark" and engagement that basically died with Femme Fatale, came back. It may not be the same spark we saw with DWAD or ITZ that long-time fans want, but I think it's a more balanced spark that works for a more mature Britney. 

    Although I'm ready like everyone for POM to close, she's kept me interested to want to see what comes next.

    Congrats to Britney, the dancers and band, and her team for POM's success!

  10. 18 minutes ago, Dark.Knight said:

    I'm sorry Simon Cowell, I apologize for my lack of knowledge. I forgot your direction in Cirque Du Soleil changed history and whatever you say goes

    I'm not that either. You're making an inappropriate leap.

    My bottom-line point is that y'all are being hyper critical. For being a "fan" site you all are worse that the comments section on YouTube. Everyone just needs to chill. 

  11. 7 hours ago, Alice X said:

    I'm sorry but that's not good. :lemmetellu: The constant hair-touching, the lack of hips movement (out of laziness) are disturbing AF. Girl, this is going to be immortalized with a DVD, are you SURE you want it to be that bad? :imok:

    1) y'all need to chill tf out! None of you are professional anythings in the arts and entertainment field so your opinions are subjective and based on extreme scrutiny from having seen POM day in day out. 

    2) they are most likely only filming extra footage NYE promo, not a whole DVD. I know y'all judge her team hardcore, but they aren't gonna film a whole DVD with a single camera setup. 

  12. Unfortunately, I think Britney Jean as a whole was very misguided. I'm not sure this song would made it any better. The lyrics seem like a vapid attempt at being someone's battlecry, if that makes sense. I recognize that's harsh. That being said, I think if Britney were to record a "personal" song again,  this would be the type of material we'd get, so I'm actually glad she didn't record this. 

  13. 33 minutes ago, Girl On The Moon said:

    This has always been the reason. I hate when people call her lazy, it must suck for her, as a dancer, to not be able to dance like she used to... ever again.

    I empathize with this 100%. From personal experience, I can attest to the toll dancing at a professional level takes on your body, especially when you tour a lot and aren't able to take as good of care of your body as you should (for example, taking regular dance classes, stretching, warming up before shows, etc.). Britney and I are the same exact age and have sustained similar injuries. My physical capability is limited now, which sucks as dance was a huge part of my life. I honestly admire how much she still dances and how well she's maintained her physical health. A knee pad could be preventative or it could be to rehabilitate a current injury. No idea, but kudos to her for still doing it each week!