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  1. So what you're saying is because she had her prime years now she shouldn't try and milk the legacy/nostalgia til she croaks? Madonna kept going even after every setback and whether her new stuff is a flop or not, she's beyond creative and hungry to push her creativity to its max. You see her upping every tour, keeping fit, training like a beast and putting some effort into her artistry instead of singing "Vogue" in the same costume, same choreography and never going beyond that. Britney can be so much more even if she doesn't want to be like younger self. Pen the album you wanted to all those years ago, ditch the Barbie look the label forced onto you, sing in your natural voice and whether it flops or not, salvage what little remains of your legacy instead of rotting in Vegas theater trotting out BOMT for the millionth time to vocals from '98!