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  1. I wouldn't be surprised singing in that baby voice, smoking didn't affect it in some way.
  2. Yes, the dubbing was Britney and her's team decision. They said the original recording had the pre-recorded vocals as you briefly hear during HIAM which is different from the studio version.
  3. Nope, that was the statement they said, Britney and team decided to dub it with studio vocals. Well, they could have just made a new recording from stems of the original tracks though WB is largely Myah.
  4. The only time lingerie would work is during the Slave section other than that the outfits stuck out like a sore thumb. She could have worn combat inspired gear/outfit for WB/Womanizer/BTI/POM. A variation of her MATM outfit, hell a crop top, some jeans and a fedora with a tie/the Kisses outfit suited but was destroyed. The original black outfit for the BOMT/Oops during the revamp fit so perfectly. Boys/SS/DYWCO/medley would have done well with a fluorescent top, shorts and some strands of hair that would glow in the dark. Circus needed a custom made jacket (not the crap she wore) for that number and the lingerie fit well here as well BOM/TOMYH The final number had a great outfit (the green with the sleeves during the revamp) before that too was ruined.
  5. Don't know why she insists on being a legacy act when she could still push herself musically, visually and artistically with her work.