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  1. Hit threads are not my target here hun. My target is self development and having a good time/ sex. Neither of those I could accomplish in a forum
  2. I just wanted to express my feelings. If I get affected easily by my thread flopping or internet bullying...well... this doesn't speak good about me, does it?
  3. True true true.... I know that's widely accepted... I know that's what POP music is all about.... But it hurts me, because I don't think Britney NOW is what "pop world expects" She's a completely different person, in a completely different stage in her life and I think she's a great artist behind all..
  4. I have to say it... I'm actually mad. I'm mad about every nitpicking that's linked to POP acts. I'm mad readying about Britney in the news, here, everywhere.... How she looks too fat, too slim, her smile is weird, her outfits are unflattering. Apart from a POP fan, I LOVE symphonic metal. Nightwish in particular. And their lead vocal might gain weight, she might look weird, but the fans DON'T care. I've never seen someone complaining about her outfits, about the way she expresses herself... Watching this LIVE and realizing how people enjoy the music, they don't judge.... Why can't that be the case with Britney WHY?????? Why can't people just enjoy the artistry, without focusing on other factors.... If she was allowed to be herself, she would be what's the Original Doll, not that PRODUCT that she's become. THERE'S MORE IN BRITNEY SPEARS than a BLOND BIMBO! I want the POP culture to allow these girls to age gracefully, to let them create music that might not be as mainstream, but that showcases their character, their souls... whatever. Now you can drag me with "It's not Britney related", "Britney is lipsyncing", "Britney is meant to be sexy", "You can't compare metal fans to pop fans", etc. I'm also ready for my warning points
  5. I read it with her voice on my mind from the Making of the Video
  6. More like alternative R&B/Hip-hop And I get why you don't like him. He has nothing in common with Britney when it comes to style. But I'm a music slut. I listen to EVERYTHING from pop, to jazz, hip-hop, r&b, symphonic metal, rock, techno, etc.