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  1. BTW, I'm currently obsessed with this bop And I was thinking - how great it would be if Britney recorded the singing parts and Nicki was left only for the rapping With a killer choreo it WOULD slay lives, because Britney's voice is pure sex for such uptempo song. But I can only dreaam
  2. Couldn't agree more. If she wants to continue to do what she loves doing (releasing new music and occasional performances) she needs more budget. To receive more budget, she needs to bring RCA more $$$. To bring more money, she needs to sell more. To sell more, there should be more promo, better videos (not like the MM fiasco) and that's it. Promo could be in many forms, it doesn't necessarily needs to be performances on big events. Actually if she thinks of performing on a big event, she really needs to prerecord those vocals and step up her dancing or at least make the performance more theatrical or something. I got into too much details again. Sorry
  3. You should really pay attention though. The rest of the songs are on a constant rotation on radios, they're like in your face 24/7. Want it or not, you might get obsessed with them. I have yet to hear Make Me on the radio and I honestly feel sorry for the poor GP who have watched the MV on the TV
  4. I'm never paying for a meet and greet. Ever
  5. If you spent 5 min to go through my posts and comments you would have seen that I've always been extremely supportive of her, so spare me that talk. It's a fact that I haven't watched a video that the vocals are even slightly different from tonight so I asked for links. What's your problem?
  6. Damn I messed up with the voting buttons. I've voted YES, but seeing that even she doesn't care about it anymore, i say NO! She doesn't care The fans don't care Nobody cares Cancel it already
  7. Mic on? please share vids
  8. MTE. No changes - no official announcement for extension, her merchandise sections in the stores are getting smaller and smaller. I smell bye bye Vegas