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  1. Sam's mom...

    Is freakin' hot! And sadly even looks younger than Brit! LOL.... damn his family got them good genes Great personality, gentlemen, great bod, great genes, makes Brit happy and laugh.... she's so lucky:
  2. YAASS! SLAY QUEEN! But wtf at that #1? Seriously... that Skillrex track is not even a real EDM track... it just sounds like someone high pressing various buttons.
  3. She actually looks a bit like currentney here... she can still look like this... some of her features a bit more sunken now due to the intense weight loss and more muscular look... and of course her lips are messed up now... but if she just let them dissolve... she would still look like this.
  4. To be fair... most people thought he was a friendly and nice guy back then lol.... no really saw the behind the scenes stuff till later :P
  5. She's more confident and happy here because SHE created the choreo and she enjoys it. On POM, the choreos were all made without catering to her dancing style (and same with many of the dancers)... which is why her and many of the dancers look too focused on getting the steps and timings right, where they have no time to serve face and give attitude. This type of choreo works with certain genres, but not Britney's. If you look at all her of her old choreo, it's very simple and natural moves (and less theatrical)... so it allows them to perform them sharply without thinking and serve fierce face at the same time. It's obvious her and the dancers are not a fan of the choreos (minus Slaymber Party and VMAs Toxic). I really wish they allowed her to choreograph at least some of the routines or at least let her choose choreographers that design moves that suit her music and style of dancing. Not everyone dances the same.

    It was number #1 on YouTube for a while.... but yeah her label f'd up with Glory overall. Britney did her part with lots of promo in the beginning... but the label literally did zero marketing (which is their job). No billboards, No Spotify promo spots, Bare minimum radio airplay (I mainly heard it at the gym and clubs... but that's not from the label).... they know POM and her Perfumes make more money than music these days, so they focus more on that.... she really needs to leave that label and her team.... but of course, her papa has to make that decision unfortunately... I can only imagine how sucky it feels to not have that creative input and label backing like she used to.
  7. New Pre-grammy 2017 Party pictures

    Awww I love this one... she's so friendly and kind... so jelly of that girl lol Also - omg she looks stunning here! I knew something was really off with those red carpet pics... They looked like they had really harsh lighting and some added a lot of over-sharpening to the pics. With more netural lighting, and it looks some some light makeup changes, she looks GORGEOUS!
  8. New Ellen Von Unworth photo

    At least her racoon eyes look good here... they're not too heavy or messy or cheap looking.
  9. To be fair, Britney can still dance.... it's just the choreography wasn't made to cater to her style. If you look at all her old choreography, they were actually very simple and natural moves, which allowed her and the dancers to focus more on giving more personality to them which made it look more fierce and complicated... whereas now, they all look like they're trying too hard to focus on getting the moves right step-by-step and the timings, so there's no time to serve personality with this type. This type of choreo might work with certain genre dancers, but definitely not Brit and the majority of her dancers. Let's also not forget the uncomfortable costumes which keep getting in the way. I really wish they allowed her to work with her classic choreographers or even allow her to choregraph some herself and just give her some loose and fitted outfits like she used to wear so they can move freely.
  10. Slumber Party Master Video?

    What's diff in the master video?
  11. Loving the dirty blonde hair, though it could still be a bit lighter... it looks too big on her. That dress is hot... i just wish she smiled a bit more in it hehe... she looks a bit scared or uncomfortable here:
  12. New IG post: Pinkney Twirls

    Sorry lighter as in weight not in colour :D... just reduce some of the layers like she used to back in the day hehe