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    Well she does sound like she has a sore throat... so I guess she means these new lolly's
  2. Britney and her hands

    I think you guys are over-thinking this. It's just her usual handography. She moves her hands to the beat. If you see those clips with the sound you can see she's moving it to the beat. Next.
  3. YAAS! Love Marshmello, and while I"m not a fan of Selena's songs, I love her dance collabs (e.g. It Ain't Me with Kygo).... so this should be good!
  4. It's good but you can tell it's heavily edited.
  5. Bey's known to copy people more than anyone... There's a reason why Bey is nicknamed Theifonce here.... lol
  6. So true! And now with the internet, anyone can be popular and get similar fame (without the money)... and people get obsessed and it's really superficial and fake too. The show Black Mirror portrays this soooo well... it's scary but so good. I'm glad she's in a good place now though. Just like Britney is in a good place now and doesn't put fame as her priority.

    I have to agree... she is SLAYING the choreos (even though I hate most of the choreos, but that's not her fault). One thing I do notice though is she doesn't look like she's having fun. Her face is so bored in the majority of those clips like she's being forced to do it or she's just tired. Not sure. It's actually really strange because normally when she's not into it, she's just lazy and blah. But she looks bored and slaying at the same time LOL. I do think she wants to do new music and choreo and places. I can only imagine how boring it must be doing POM now lol. Queen of slaying boredem!

    I wonder if this is a sign her team needs to perform newer tracks and not the typical nostalgic ones? (even though they are iconic af and love them (always on replay), let people miss them for a few years and focus on the newer tracks and other past non-single tracks - like how they did with BOM and TOMH). Then when people kind of forget about the usual BOMT/Slave/Toxic/etc. then BAM make them remember it again with an iconic performance and get people all worked up again lol.
  9. definitely not me... was looking forward to new music, not more of this Bey crap