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  1. What's up with Mariah's boob? Looks like her implant is imploding lol
  2. LOL imagine they performed together.... Britney's performance would look like ITZney beside her.
  3. Sounds more like a Bey wannabe reject track... not feeling it all. And ugh it makes me so uncomfortable seeing little kids singing and acting like that. I remember when I was that age and singing The Wheels on the Bus.... lol
  4. The song is kinda hot... it definitely sounds like a Britney track. I would have happily accepted this over 'Private Show'. But definitely not single-worthy. That Glory fanmade cover though slays.
  5. https://instagram.com/p/BZPrPzcH69Y/
  6. Justin Bieber Teases New Song: Listen

    This sounds HAWT!!!! Can't wait to hear the full thing.
  7. Omg YES! I've been jamming to this since it came out last month. Really love that it's the first single. I have no idea why, but I've been a fan of HER but not her music. This is the first song with her that I LOVE.
  8. That little tango move she did in the red dress was hot... Would have been amazing in the No Sea Cortes video... but....