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  1. Glory's album sales are embarrassing

    Album sales don't mean much anymore, Britney did a lot of promo in the beginning of the era.... and it still didn't help. Album sales in general are not that great anymore with the rise of streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and even Youtube. I don't know anyone who buys albums anymore unless it's hard to find music, and I personally haven't bought a an album in ages because I subscribe to Spotify.
  2. This is Britney related how? Also - Team Brit really should have released Change Your Mind or at least do a remix with J. Bavin before Beyonce thieved and ruined it.
  3. how? (face)

    She looks pretty much the same... I don't think she got anything major done.... the only main difference is the lip injections/eye lift... which I think are temporary... but the main thing is the weight loss... she lost too much weight too fast, which results in sunken features and a tighter face. If she gains weight again, and loses it at a more healthy and slower pace, her face would look less sunken.