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  1. She doesn't need to get naked like those other attention hoes in the industry.... While I still want to desperately see the video, I'm glad it wasn't released (though I wish the actual wasn't released either LOL).
  2. Looks like a basic version of Toxicney... she should just give this era up... it was a mess from the start:
  3. Normally all the Carpool Karaoke vids get multi-million views on the first night, but it's been 2 days and Katy hasn't even reached a million. Heck, even Britney got more than her lol.
  4. Her friends Kate Hudson and J.Lo did it... and she already kinda did it on an Insta post before with Maddie.... she could loves kids and she could totally be herself and have lots of fun... this is so her thing! :
  5. You guys complain she never wears these dresses outside of her house, but it could also be she doesn't actually own some of them. A lot of Instagramers these days will wear post photos of them wearing an outfit, eating a certain meal, etc. promoting other brands to get sponsored. Maybe the designers are sponsoring her to wear them?
  6. Most artists nowawdays have pre-recorded tracks just in case of audio issues or for backing track purposes and they just sing over it. Even the greats like Celine have it. I don't know though... part of me still believes this story because she looked very into it... but then it didn't make sense the 2nd time she performed it with him and lipped it... so who knows.
  7. I feel the hashtag should be more for the loved ones of the victims than Ariana. Yes, it's important for her to be strong as well... but I feel they should have made that hashtag a bit more broader. Either way, a hashtag/tweet/whatever will not undo what happened, and thoughts and prayers go out to those who faced such a horrific tragedy from such idiots.
  8. Ugh... talk about being desperate. It's really sad. Another hit to the music industry... but then again I doubt his music will even make a dent anyway LOL