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  1. Yasss! The time has finally come.... a tease to Brinny's upcoming Target spokeswoman role in their upcoming commercials including a buzz single. All those years of humblney shopping there have finally paid off.
  2. She looks so hot here with the dark hair and yellow dress.... I love her dark hair:
  3. Me too... ppl are just selfish. I think her posts show her as a regular person like all of us. Not all attention-whoring like her peers.
  4. One of my fav songs, but I'm not a fan of the MV at all... and those stupid 1 second teasers they released before the MV launch ruined the hype completely. She also looked really uncomfortable and miserable most of the video (except during the fighting parts and the stage part where she's wearing the leather). I know some of you are saying it was the mood of the MV, but she genuinely didn't look interested tbh... but that was her that entire era though. He has a lot of other amazing videos under his belt though, so I'd love for them to work together again. This picture is all sorts of gorgeous! She looks so comfortable and genuinely happy... and she's even letting him hug her lol. I miss that smile so much. I love it. I really love that hair style on her too. It's unfortunate she lost all the baby weight on her face from her extreme diet and fitness regime (and whatever cosmetic stuff she does to her face sometimes).... but nonetheless she still looks great. I love this pic a lot. Looks even better in high-res: