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  1. Focusing on her vocals. I think that not taking care of this aspect is what is really damaging her image at this point in her career. Yes, she's been lipsynching since the beginning, but times have changed and it is not "acceptable" anymore (although it never really was). She should sing the ballads live and prerecord or sing over the track when performing uptempo songs. Honestly, if I was her, I would build a whole era around the "Britney can sing" concept, with stripped down acoustic sessions or an acoustic live album. That would require a big effort on her side, and I would like to see that side of Britney. It's a shame that most people think she can't sing 20 years into her career when she not only sings, but is a good songwriter and can play the piano decently. However, this would only work if she really wants to do that, because only when it feels real people are here for it.