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  1. 23 minutes ago, OopsOverprotected said:

    I really liked FF era but as previous people mentioned... she just looked so dead inside. 

    I am really wondering what happened. In some interviews she was alright but in some... she was like a ghost. 

    I really wanna know what happened :(

    She wanted to be at home with her kids and not tour the world for promo and a tour, that's what happened. 

    She had already had the fun of making an album again and toured for circus, she had relived the biggest success and people were supporting her again, her talent had been reaffirmed. 

    Another theory is that she thought the conservatorship would have ended and she would have gotten back legal custody of her kids, but it didn't and she felt trapped. Once you start an era and plan a tour and promo and videos there's no getting out for like 10 months straight.

  2. I was 12 it was 1999 spring just began and baby one more time was #1 in Belgium. It was constantly on the radio, I was like mom can we go to the store NOW because I need this single. My mom was up for it she always loved that I played music and danced to it instead of just watching tv.

    In summer before the family holidays we always went shopping to get holidays necessity's like books to read by the pool or batteries for our cd-portables. That year I got the BOMT album.

  3. 1 minute ago, The Greatest Show said:

    she did like 2 appearances.. Its not like she went on a media tour and did interview after interveiw. Im sure she wanted to clear the air and that those 2 short appearances didnt hinder her getting help.

    Yeah good point. It just felt forced to me.

    It could have also been her trying to make Kevin regret the break up. Like to show him that she was doing fine without him and that everybody else loved her and that she had a great future ahead without him. 

  4. 5 minutes ago, The Greatest Show said:

    or she was trying to distract herself and didnt want to be at home.

    Yes she probably was in for it, but sometimes you need to get rest and deal with your emotions even when you don't want to, and people who care need to tell you that.

    I think the following 2 years are 100% proof that she wasn't getting the help she needed to deal with the major depression that followed the divorce. 

  5. 3 hours ago, Captain Britney said:

    Yesss I remember watching this


    Lol I remember those pictures where she gets out of a car (I think it was before the Letterman show) and there's LITERALLY an electronic banner in the street that says "BRITNEY SPEARS FILED FOR DIVORCE" like it was national news and the nation was just out of control. 

  6. She looked and presented herself happy but all this week of photo-ops and appearances really was, was her management trying to restore her image and rebrand her after the whole trailer-trash chaotic era, while she SHOULD have been at home with her family recovering from the incredible heartache that comes with a failed marriage.

    She was a wreck inside but they polished her up, made her slap a smile on and get out there, don't know how I really feel about that.

  7. Yes Britney does her makeup the way she likes it, even though we all think it's not done right.

    She's always dressed as she liked and did her makeup as she liked. I'm happy she's not one of those celebrities that gets her hair and makeup done professionally everyday when she gets out of bed.

    She just wants to be a normal girl who can relax and doesn't have to worry about that 24/7, let her be.

  8. On 25-2-2018 at 2:25 AM, Jimbo said:

    I really don’t like the way people blame Kevin for Britney’s breakdown and call him a mooch. Britney asked him to marry him. She jumped ship.. got pregnant as soon as she could and rushed the marriage. Kevin was a great father and stepped up when Britney became out of control. There is no way we know if this story is true or not. Britney was heading downhill before Kevin and Britney (I do not doubt) was probably too much to handle and that’s why Kevin left Britney. You people need to lay off Kevin.

    I agree, He didn't play or tricked her or anything. She got what she bargained for. He was an unemployed back-up dancer who had just left his baby-mama. He was just the free spirited irresponsible guy that he portrayed himself to be and that everybody could see him for. In the beginning she was all free spirited and just having fun with him, then she decided to marry him and have his kids. ANY guy in his position would have said yes and knocked her up. He didn't care, he had nothing to lose and of course he liked her, she was a ton of fun and sexy and wild and free. Then once they were married Britney suddenly longed for a stable traditional suburban  life and she expected him to suddenly want the same things and turn into that as well, but he didn't and they grew apart. 

    Britney was hurt yes, but Kevin was just the same he'd always been, he didn't deliberately hurt her, he just couldn't live up to be the guy she expected him to turn into. Yes he wanted to have a career of his own and make an album, so what ? If the roles were reversed and a married woman wanted to have a career of her own, nobody would bat an eye and everybody would admire her ambition. 

    When she was in a bad place he stepped up. When she got better he shared custody with her, he could have dragged that endlessly but didn't.

  9. 1 minute ago, SlaaayBitch said:

    Yeah, I know it's her on MOTM.

    Don't think she's doing the whispering in WB Live Version, she didn't even sing the song let alone whisper for a live performance :pleaseshhh:

    I think it is, she was probably experimenting with french for MOTM and CE and they used some vocals for the WB intro, since that intro was added after Glory 

  10. 12 hours ago, MM said:

    actually i think they're from two different ones. apparently from the one from 5 days ago she wore a crop top 


    This tweet is so funny. I can just imagine how Britney goes to these things like a regular mom without any fuss.


    12 hours ago, Daxx said:

    Wow at Kevin's wife/girlfriend tagging Britney, I wonder if they sat together :toocute:

    It's very mature and shows great support. I think they all get along great, you see it when the boys have their sports games as well, she holds their baby girl and they chat. Britney isn't the kind of woman to be jealous or hold a grudge or anything. I think they are all aware of how important it is for the kids to see them together getting along. 


  11. 40 minutes ago, TomM0RE said:

    After many years Britney finally releases a song with amazing vocals sung in her natural voice. She finally performs the song on her long-awaited Las Vegas Residency, after having stated that she always sings live... AND SHE LIPPED THE DAMN SONG MAKING SURPRISED EXPRESSIONS. :CPKney:

    I am sorry but when I see this I can't help but think that her mic is just switched off. I mean if she were to make these expressions of singing throughout the song with absolutely no sound coming out of her mouth she would have to be one of the greatest actresses ever.

    I think she did sing along mostly but just asks that her mic is turned off so she doesn't have to be thinking about how she sounds.


  12. Glory era is so similar to Blackout.

    Both era's had fun music the fans really loved, but the GP was less familiar with

    Both had some lack of decent promo. BO only had the VMA's, Glory had more but with less impact.

    Both have altered mv's the fans were pissed about

    Both only have two real mv's (that hentai break the ice thing is s--t and I refuse to recognise it)

    Coupure electrique is literally reference to Blackout

    Britney liked both albums