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  1. On 12-12-2017 at 9:59 PM, timito said:

    What I was thinking is if she loves dressing up like that why wouldn't she do it for some events and actually go to them. What is the point of having all those nice dresses if you only wear them at home.

    I think she does go out to eat with Sam like this, but the paparazzi don't follow her around anymore like they used to. She lives in a gated community so they can't be at her door anymore waiting and then follow her. Sometimes we see pics (like when they first started dating) but sometimes we don't. I think she can go for dinner or drinks in Thousand Oaks without getting her pic snapped. 


  2. 15 hours ago, BoyToySoldier said:




    This is how it should be 100% of the time.

    I love her residency, but I think what has frustrated a lot of fans is that perfection is within reach: outfit wise, overall look/vibe wise, choreo wise, vocally (if she would do a few pre-recorded tracks and one live ballad), but it's limited to a few glimpses. 

    It's the same concering BJ and Glory era's: just a little bit more effort would have gone a long way.


  3. There was too much time between the performance and the release of Make me.

    They should have kept her low profile before and do the entire performance for the VMA's (and add Make me). Had she done the BBMA performance for the VMA's she would have held up against Beyoncé and the media would have covered more Glory press.

  4. 1 minute ago, joanhs said:

    Upvote, because I also saw it live :D On my actual television, I'm from Denmark and we have many german channels :]It was fantastic, but of course a wrong crowd to sing in front of, but people liked it, but it just wasn't that type of audience to clap and cheer.

    Me too I saw it on tv, I live in Belgium and we have like one or two german channels. After years and years of having to watch stuff on the internet in the morning after it happened I felt so lucky that us europeans had this important first promo performance.

    The crowd was stiff af but I liked how the venue and the show was very distinguished and fancy. And her outfit and the routine with the golden ball thingy was just perfect for the show. 

    She was much more at ease on the next two performances in France and the UK but those weren't as classy and exciting.

  5. This is one of my favorite performances of her EVER, it was awesome.

    There were some live words (the very last lyrics, when she ends you can hear her 'babyyyy"), but I don't think she was singing live during the song. It just makes it look that way when she touches the mic.

    This was her very first performance since the breakdown, I don't think anyone would have wanted her to take risks.

  6. As someone who's in his thirties all I can say is that dating a young guy is very refreshing and can bring you so much joy, but the heartache is also harder when it goes wrong.

    I'm 31 and I love dating 18-25 years olds and I can't imagine it changing any time soon.

  7. I was an excellent fan from day one, I don't have any major flop fan moments.

    The only "flop" fan moments I had was when i forgot how old her kids actually were (like miss it by one or two years).

    Also when I didn't know The beat goes on was a cover.

    Oh and when Jordan said she would perform work bitch in the desert and I ACTUALLY BELIEVED HIM and watched that fucking countdown/live disaster thing. I swore to never believe any rumor ever again.