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  1. If anything I think that in this way it's been good that Larry Rudolph has always helicoptered over Britney from the beginning.
  2. Am I the only one surprised at the GH:MP numbers ? A greatest hits album is like zero effort but look at the sales
  3. Britney at sons talent show

    This tweet is so funny. I can just imagine how Britney goes to these things like a regular mom without any fuss. It's very mature and shows great support. I think they all get along great, you see it when the boys have their sports games as well, she holds their baby girl and they chat. Britney isn't the kind of woman to be jealous or hold a grudge or anything. I think they are all aware of how important it is for the kids to see them together getting along.
  4. I was really into the song when it was released but it felt old really fast. It was such a success because of her media strategy and the whole KP/KW/KK feud.
  5. What are 3 of your "No Britney Noooo" moments?

    I am sorry but when I see this I can't help but think that her mic is just switched off. I mean if she were to make these expressions of singing throughout the song with absolutely no sound coming out of her mouth she would have to be one of the greatest actresses ever. I think she did sing along mostly but just asks that her mic is turned off so she doesn't have to be thinking about how she sounds.
  6. What are 3 of your "No Britney Noooo" moments?

    1/ "We should stick by our president"..when George bush jr was the president 2/ This horrid excuse of a video for a flawless single, although that was probably the record label without Britney even knowing it ever existed 3/ Anytime she wears one of those effin CHOKERS
  7. Do you think she still loves Kevin?

    On some level, do you ever not love the man that gave you two amazing kids
  8. In which era did you become a fan of Britney? [POLL]

    BOMT. Heard the single a few times on the radio, made my mom drive me to the store and buy the single, never stopped stanning since.