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  1. Mouth Theory

    Omg some of you are so annoying... There are many factors involved. Aging is one of them. I’m sorry but Britney never had veneers. So you can stop with that. She just stopped wearing her retainer. For the rest, if she wanted to have procedures done than so be it. She did it for herself and not for y’all. Yes, she was perfect the way she were but if she’s happy and confident with how she looks now, go Britney! She’s still beautiful. Ps. Nobody in Hollywood is natural these days so get a grip. Honestly.
  2. french tv star talks about meeting britney

    What she said is actually very nice!
  3. I read somewhere Britney might have decided to settle out of court and give him a little more. But as annoying as this might be for Britney, everyone’s on her side and saying Fed-ex is a user. So finally, things are being put into perspective and the truth about their character is coming out. It’s good press for Britney and sooo obvious that Kfed is after her money now that she’s richer than ever. Plus that fortune is already going to their kids so what’s his point? It’s obvious he’s broke. Well, if he wants to live fancy, he better work bitch!
  4. My point exactly! A buzz single is coming in time for the tour for sure and then maybe the album later but there’s so much going on right now that of course they have plans. I CAN’T WAIT! Especially now that we know Burns might be working on B10!
  5. Britney just said in her new interview with Grazia magazine that she wasn’t working on new music and had no plan to release anything. She said she wanted to produce for younger artists. So it could all be a well kept secret but it makes me wonder... Or maybe she’s not working on new music because B10 is complete... who knows!
  6. Will Kenzo influence her Tour outfits?

    I really don’t know but since she’s the new face of Kenzo and they’re hyping her tour, who knows! Plus if I were Kenzo I’d make sure to have my model wear my designs and look great!
  7. I love how everyone agrees that Britney is the Queen of Denim. The fit for her and Kenzo to collaborate on a denim inspired collection is perfect!
  8. Lol omg I laughed so hard. Well maybe it was in a studio that she thought was to represent Paris (since it’s Kenzo Paris uknow)... even though it’s very street and NYC. So I don’t know y’all!