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  1. img upload
  2. Thanks bb! Yeah I'm proud of how some of the pics came out good. When people complain about the FF Tour I can't relate because those three shows I saw, she was amazing. free image hosting
  3. I was there. For both shows in Toronto and the show in Montreal just before. Her body wasn't digitally altered. She just looked that good. I took the following pics. image uploader
  4. She looked perfect that day. I don't know much about lip injections and I know it's been discussed plenty here but I'm really wondering how her smile could change so much. Is it reversible? Has it been so overdone she can't go back. Is it because she actually has injections around her mouth area and not in the lips which makes it impossible for her whole mouth to fully open when she smiles? Don't get me wrong, I still think she looks beautiful af. Like literal godess. But I miss her smile because this was one of her features I think was so unique about her. That beautiful, perfect, sincere smile.
  5. That's why POM is ending and the tour is being announced slowly. Once POM ends she can announce more dates in all of America and Europe, but after a while cuz I think it'll be a new show. To promote B10. We'll see though but I feel big things are coming. Save those coins.
  6. This place is a disaster. I feel sorry for you.
  7. I'm just sick and tired of arguing with you all. Britney almost died. She hit rock bottom and had to re-build herself as a person, emotionally also. She set her priorities on her well being and her sons and just accepted to go with the flow with her carreer to keep working, keep her name out there and please her fans. Glory is a major step forward and is only a good sign of things to come. You are not pleased with her 'aestetics' well then fine. I mean who cares at this point. The person she was died and the person we see now is someone else. Someone focused on the real meaning of life. Go stan someone else if seeing your idol happy isn't good enough for you.
  8. No you misunderstood me. Them at the same age and place they were in their career when they released these albums in today's market. They'd flop numbers wise.
  9. Those years are far gone. The music industry of today is clearly not the music industry of those years and Madonna, Mariah and Jannet could never pull those numbers today even with these albums. With the execption of Adele and Taywhore, no one sells albums these days. The music industry has shifted and it's fucking hard for artists to pull numbers now. So your argument is invalid. Plus Glory is free of flaws musically so yeah girl can still make excellent music. She had one so-so album so don't act like she's been releasing sh!t music, it's false.