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  1. We'll eat our words come next era?

    I think since her contract with PH has ended she might not have rhe rights to perform POM outside of that contract? I don’t know I’m just saying. It could be a re-vamp also! I just hope there’s a spectacular entrance this time. Not just appear in the corner of the stage... like. But I want to dream and think the rumors are all true. Because it’s too good and too obvious. It’s a plan too perfect for them to actually think about it. The SB commercial announcing tour, new album for the anniversary. COMPLETELY taking all the spotlight away from Justin’s Superbowl performance. It will be in the media EVERYWHERE. Like Girl Power much. So muchhh exposure. And I know if Britney Spears announces world tour and new album, Justin doesn’t stand a chance. With Justin’s recent shady comments... it would be too amazing to see Britney put him in his place by doing what she does best: outshine him.
  2. Piece of me studio previews

    I know! So goooood
  3. Piece of me studio previews

    Thanx! Been listening to it non-stop! Make Me sounds so good with that guitar!
  4. Piece of me studio previews

    I know we aren’t allowed to share links and all but where can this be found or can someone send it to me?? I nees this in my life!