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  1. I stan for her chokers. The wristbands need to gto though.
  2. Well this is some serious Sexney! Loving the hair, outfit. Everything is sex!
  3. Why is nothing happening in this thread? Aren't y'all excited for her to perform Toy Soldier?
  4. Anyone who wants Change Your Mind is so wrong. Because it is a good track but there's NO WAY it'll survive on the radio. We need Better! This is a Spring hit in the making. GP will love it! That Youtuber Dylan Won't Participate who just reviewed Glory said that for him it was the best track on the album. And I agree that for a non-stan, it could be. So if you want to hurt Britney even more, vote Change Your Mind.
  5. I also have the feeling they keep wanting to re-start the era. I want them to re-release Glory as a double disc album including an ep with new songs.
  6. Would make sense if they are re-releasing Glory with new songs and a new single. Who knows?... And then release B10 at the end of 2018 or early 2019 to celebrate her 20 years since the release of BOMT. Glory is a good album. Re-release with an extra ep would be cool. Who knows at this point. Just high and hoping