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  1. Jean-Philippe

    other Should I buy this B shirt

    i actually love it
  2. at least SOME fans are getting something on June 22
  3. Jean-Philippe

    What's the last Britney song you listened to?

    Tik Tik Boom
  4. Jean-Philippe

    socialney Britney's been fishing

    Is she f**king trolling
  5. Jean-Philippe

    music Did this sample Slave 4u ??

    that performance tho
  6. I see it it didn't disappear after I scrolled
  7. Jean-Philippe

    other THIS Is what i am afraid of

    are you saying women in their 30s and 40s can't have sex with hot men?
  8. Jean-Philippe

    socialney Britney Has Been Silent...

    I'm anxious I can't focus on work
  9. Jean-Philippe

    tour For French fans =)

    The thread is in English...the Twitter post is in Spanish... Oh hi French fans
  10. Jean-Philippe

    music RCA finally lifts up the blocking on Make Me

    what blocking they should block the music video
  11. were Pitbull and Marc Anthony seen shooting something on a set lately?
  12. if RCA stuck with what she wanted we wouldn't have any albums at all
  13. Jean-Philippe

    music What if her next album is called Britney Spears

    using the pink-glittery logo on the cover?
  14. lol, but the fact that you posted that below a Britney-Madonna post might have made things blurry. I would have posted it under the Apple Pie lyrics...?