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  2. The truth of the matter is that she might never find these "real people" especially when $$$ is involved. There are not a lot of real people with genuine intentions in that industry... The music industry is controlled by money and power, they do a lot of pretending but no real substance. I think she has found her tribe... People that have been with her FOREVER, they know everything about her and I'm sure they have some kind of deal where they get paid and don't interrupt or force when she says no to something. She has been very vocal about hating her twenties and being forced and controlled and people having her do stuff that she never wanted to do - she is not going to go back to that. Ever. She feels more in control now and happier.
  3. This is giving me weird vibes...
  4. I think she has many sexual songs but IMO the sexiests are Make Me and Breathe on Me. 911 is sexual IMO but not sexy, I don't know how to explain it
  5. Don't Keep Me Waiting
  6. This is way too hard this is giving me anxiety I guess I would choose original Femme Fatale. She seemed very into it before Dr Luke took over and changed the entire sound and vibe
  7. My only meltdown so far has been the Make Me video, honestly nothing related to her career would make me unstan her. I support her because of who she is to me and not because of what she does or doesn't do. Like she could quit tomorrow and I will still support her. It would take her becoming a murderer or joining ISIS for me to unstan her
  8. I think someone did record the audio. I might be going crazy but I'm 89% sure that someone posted a potato youtube video with her talking about the conservatorship. I remember because I'm one of the many people that didn't believe she actually talked about that.
  9. 41
  10. Agreed. Nowadays there is no innovation. Britney always brought something new to the music scene with every album.
  11. Her desperation in this gif gives me anxiety
  12. Holograms scare me We are approaching that era where everything is going to be "make belief" and computerized. Even malls are closing down because of online shopping.
  13. I'm on mobile but I am 99.9% sure that the HQ photo is on xray