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  1. I wish there were more people like you on this forum. I am a woman and it disgusts me the things that men on this forum say about Britney and other female artists in general.
  2. Britney is so hot, I cant
  3. Yes, they are selling well and the only people that want POM to end is certain members from this forum. POM is a fantastic show, people here hate it because they watch it over and over and over and over and over again.
  4. I know. There are times that I've wanted to leave but I honestly stay to defend her against these lunatics. It depresses me how some people hide their bullying and hate behind their "love" and "honesty"
  5. You are not forced to meet her. Some people actually value her and have supported since 1997 and honestly, for these people is not about having a photo with Britney, is about meeting a person that changed your life and a person you have supported for a long time. It would be a waste of Britney's time to meet you as well, sweetie. I am sure the feeling is mutual. There is a reason m&g are 2500, to weed people out.
  6. They love to hate on her. They use it as fuel for their miserable lives.
  7. You are what's wrong with this fandom. She can dye her hair whatever color she fucking wants. Wow.
  8. Lol. I can't at some people... No one is taking $2,500 from people, people are willingly giving their money in exchange for something. M&G are exactly that, meet & greet. The only thing I agree on however is that they should make sure each photo looks okay.
  9. This is hellhole (exhale) for you. This is where all her haters gather. Only a few people here genuinely love her and support her, the rest of the members complain all the time, they constantly bash her, they constantly hate on her appearance, age and face (then they wonder why she gets botox), they always talk about her weight, they project their insecurities on her, they are never satisfied, they want her to become a robot with no feelings or personal life, they want her to submit her soul to them and forget about her own desires and plans she has set for her life.
  10. Uh... She looks fucking hot in that costume.
  11. I don't understand why you got downvoted. Ofc people on this forum are gonna downvote a positive comment... I agree with you, she looked fucking gorgeous last night!
  12. She did and people bitched at her and told her horrible things (like always), when she wore the yellow dress. Britney looked gorgeous last night and everyone outside from this hell hole loved the show and the outfits. Also, the red outfit looks incredibly sexy on her.
  13. Except she IS aging well.
  14. She looks AMAZING https://www.instagram.com/p/BR-M-WDAtHR/
  15. She looks so amazing and I love that new outfit!!!