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  1. Couldn't agree more with you! It's sad. Nowadays she doesn't really have to go anywhere, but her team sucks and they don't know how to use current technology and current music and cosumer trends to their advantage.
  2. I love these videos actually, she seems to really enjoy making them and she looks like she's genuinely having fun. Britney doesn't need to go to events if she doesn't want to and she can dress however she wants to, and honestly... It's no surprise she dresses the way she does for POM, most people still see her as a sex symbol and still have that image of sexy Britney engraved in their brains. I think she prefers to dress like she does in these videos... But if she were to dress like this for POM, exhale will tear her apart, call her a hasbeen, and old hag that doesn't even dress sexy, blah blah blah blah. Exhale is never happy with anyrhing that Britney does or doesnt do.
  3. I am so sad that no one gave this album a chance. This album is a true masterpiece. Gawd she has such an old school marketing team it's pathetic. You can also see it in Miley when you compare her recent marketing promo to Camila and even Selena (I am talking solely on marketing strategies not on who's the best popstar etc). Britney needs to find an innovative and creative team that know the current trends and a team that is able to discern the future trends.
  4. She stopped playing that role a looooooong time ago tho. She is a business woman with a fashion empire... But this interview is so cringey. I can't believe that this is her lmao. And you arw right! She reminds me of Anna Nicole too.
  5. Wait what the f**k?!?! I can't believe that's Jessica Simpson!! Holy sh!t when did she change so much??? I was sooo obsessed with her album "In This Skin" or something along those lines. This interview is so cringey it gave me anxiety.
  6. M&G Australia
  7. I think she also had a meet & greet in Australia. People said it was awkward but I genuinely believe that she doesn't "know" who Britney Spears is for a lot of people. She looks at herself as a normal southern girl.
  8. You should know Exhell by now. They can't live without crticizing Britney. They judge her based on Insta videos.
  9. Britney is such a good comedy actress! I wish she'd do more sitcoms. But sadly she won't considering she thinks she can't act.
  10. I can see perfectly why this song was never officially released. The lyrics are okayish but this song sucks. Not sure why people are downvoting you. You didn't lie. Good that she wanted to create a song about this topic, but the song sucks.
  11. Nah bby, that's not why.
  12. You know, I've wondered the same thing and what I think is that us (Britney fans) are at a weird stage in how we consume music. Hardfans (most) buy music and listen on their Apple Music or albums. Casual fans (most) don't buy music and well, they are casual listeners... They might add her on their Spotify playlists but don't obsessively listen to her. Whether fans of Selena, Justin & Miley are mostly younger and consume their music through streaming, younger fans are ALL about their fave (like we were with Britney when we were younger), they also don't have fulltime jobs, they go to HS and college and spend all their time online talking to other fans. Us Britney fans, grew in the time of forums and when pop culture made the transition to twitter, half of us didn't and the other half was already to old to use their twitters for fandom stuff so the fandom kind of separated. Another factor is that shr has the worst marketing team. They are so old school and are not in sync with current trends. A (maybe extreme) but good comparison is Adele, she sells albums like hotcakes but her plays on Spotify are rather low in comparison to how many albums she has sold. Because her demographic buys not stream. Us, Britney fans, are in between.
  13. So proud of her!! I have never regretted following my queen.