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  1. Another new IG post: New outfit showoff

    I thought the same thing Only Britney lol
  2. So why didn't Britney sing more during Carpool Karaoke?

    Deep down I think she would have prefered to be famous or at least recognized by her natural voice, but the label probably didn't want that and I don't know why I get the impression that her mom pressured her into fame a little more than just casual supporting her.
  3. Spill that hot truth tea!
  4. I have literally no words. I've always believed in her and knew she could sing and slay the lives of this world's faves. My queen. I love her attitude and I seriously wish, hope and pray that we get an intimate concert or tour. I don't even care about the dancing, I am in awe of her vocals. She has so much emotion in her voice, I love her so so so much.