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  1. Marry, f**k, Kill...

    Even David?
  2. Marry, f**k, Kill...

    I thought this was gonna be Brits boyfriends or something.
  3. I haven't seen that video in ages and I really like that song. Don't remember hearing anything about Britney at the time tho.
  4. Do you have any idea why...

    Be careful with the non sugar ones. They can contain laxatives.
  5. Do you have any idea why...

    She wants her breath to smell nice? As someone else pointed out she is a smoker so that's probably it.
  6. Rumour - Uk tour dates

    My birthday is in August so this would be pretty cool but I'm not getting my hopes up. Just checked ticket master and the o2 in London has nothing booked for that day.