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  1. Just now, storm said:

    Yes there still is a secret project, the project that we now know as The Greatest Showman is what we thought mightve been the project but its not. She still has a secret project that I think is a DVD of POM

    Oh thank god!! :kyliecry: 

    Something...anything really at this rate even a perfume commercial! 

  2. The video literally broke my heart into million pieces!! Him shaking and crying broke me!! :crying2: 


    Holly twitter just exposed the crap outta of that family, apparently he got bullied because he called black student with the N word! 

    His family have a big history with  racism! All the receipts on twitter, he's trending #1 world wide for all the wrong reasons! 

  3. I'm literally disgusted by some of y'all comments!! 

    yes I understand she could've put a little bit more effort in her make up but come on people, put yourselves in her shoes, she just went there with her kids to enjoy the game, maybe she's not comfortable or like to put on too much make up or glam up for a simple evening out with her fellas! Who freakin cares? 

    People do age, and looks never lasts...

    its really upsetting how judgmental & shallow gays can be!!

  4. 42 minutes ago, MindExplorer said:

    Give an example then. What media buzz? Specify that answer and say what exactly could she achieve with examples of similar situations. Because as I see it, she has everything to lose and nothing to win (maybe beside some sort of satisfction for exposing him). 

    Then why wouldn't Paris say where did those bruises come from? She told the press about every detail of her life up until that point. What she said means nothing. Stockholm syndrome is one of the main components of victim-abuser relationships. 

    If nick or any other guy abused Paris in any way she would've the crap out of them, let's be real here, he'd be in jail by now! 

    And for Melissa, if you search her name up on twitter there are tons of videos of her praising & stanning for nick and his band, in her Facebook chat repeated how big fan she is! 

    She was constantly fav-ing Nick's videos on her YouTube channel!! 

    Its plain and simple, if someone abuses you in any way you wouldn't do any of that! At least in my opinion...

  5. 6 hours ago, MindExplorer said:

    All of you who are saying that she lied, what is there for her to gain beside death threats from his fans and being called a whore? Nothing.

    Nick Carter beat up Paris Hilton, I wouldn't be surprised at all if he raped somebody.

    Media buzz, it's not like it never happened before, and FYI, Paris herself said that those bruises had nothing to do with Nick Carter! 

    The point is one of them is lying here, why don't we just wait until it get proven then we start being judgmental c*nts!!