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  1. 3 hours ago, puppylo16 said:

    The circus costumes got the same treatment. That nude dress she wore for magic show, she cut it up and turn into a leotard. :embarrassney:

    I think designers and her famous stylists Kurt and Bart said that everything is always shorter or lower and that they always have to cut off things. 


    Freaking leotards!!!! 

    Shes obsessed, bless her :gloria: 

  2. 10 minutes ago, portrait said:

    like real designer pieces? :orangu: 

    Scream and shout - Black Dress was cut in half, literally! ( I think it was Dolce & Gabbana )

    2015 VMA's - Golden dress was a full dress but she cut it till the edges of her vajaja! 

    BBMA's backstage/award green/blue dress was cut as well I think

    The recent Clive Davis party dress was chopped in half


    AND she vomited on a 10k Gucci dress, bless her! :gloria: 

  3. Make sense tbh

    tbe pic she posted on instagram she was wearing the same denim colour/shade! 

    Slay a bit, queen

    hope we can a killer commercial for this tbh

    Kenzo doesn't play safe when it comes to publicity... :jamout:

  4. Justin milked the breakup big time, 

    so the whole buzz he got with the first album somehow linked to Britney! No? Reaching? 

    2nd album was good to be honest but meanwhile Britney got more famous during that time, maybe for the wrong reasons but she did! 

    Success-wise I think both were on top tbh  

    She had her low moment with BJ and he's following her steps with this new mess of an album :hibebe: