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  1. Oh I didnt know that why did she say to the audience of pom in tokyo that it was her first concert there? She didnt remember?
  2. Circus from the circus tour has got to be my favorite one. The number of times Ive watched videos of it from numerous concerts. Gonna come back with my other twl choices.
  3. Britney is a loner (my realisation)

    This made me remember that letter she wrote were she said she realized one day in 2005/2006 she was paying for all the dinners with her friends and she didnt know. that she couldnt trust people anymore, that they were using her.
  4. Share Your "Drunk" Stories!

    hmm there are a couple first time I decided to tell my boyfriend I loved him I was at this club with him and his friends and we were drinking a lot, then I said I love you, started feeling sick, he sat me down at this sofa that was there and I puked. So basically I told him I loved him and puked. then there was another time I drank a lot and was using these shorts that kept making my phone fall out of the pocket when I jumped. We went to this carnival on the street with loud music on a moving car and lots of people following, I got drunk, my phone fell, I didn't notice, I just saw this guy running from me, then touched my pocket and it was gone, I started panicking and realized my boyfriend and friends were all SLOW AF and super drunk and everyone got paranoid, then I called my mom and I couldnt SPEAK properly, it was intense, I heard her but my mouth was so slow and twisted, I dont remember if my mom started panicking or not but she asked to talk to my boyfriend and he managed to be calm and explain to her what was going on, we sat down and my LEGS were gone (I hate when I drink this much and loose sense of my legs), all energy GONE, and the carnival had already passed and we were in this weird neighborhood, just got robbed, I had to stand up and I just couldnt, my boyfriend trying to make me stand up and I just shut down. At one point I drank some water and was able to stand up and go to his place. now we are kinda used to it but it can be pretty scary