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  1. Circus Tour Opera Audio

    OMG I need it, upload it bae!
  2. Well thinking more about this, the new choreographer could be for new breaks... to revamp the mess of the last BOMT break, the circus break or maybe just fix little blank spaces
  3. She will start the tour on Canada , more UK dates + Spain and Italy
  4. Was "Blur" about her hospitalization?

    Been there many times
  5. Tbh I want to see her super blonde, like a unreal Goodness
  6. Wait, people have meltdowns with the HIAM video? is a true fan gift ... not for the GP, I was in heybritney at that time and everybody loved it, the hype was huge.... Second mention is the Circus Tour preview from Candies, was iconic and still is hurting me we don't have more professional recordings
  7. Praying for your soul sista
  8. Iggy Making Fun of Brit?

    "She flies on private planes" ... we already know Britney flies on commercial planes
  9. No Wonder She Coined The Phrase "It's Britney, Bitch"

    From Mexico til Argentina, almost the whole continent