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  1. Forever 21 mens sweatshirt...

    AP all the week
  2. Friend reminder

  3. Will she move to London or NYC in 2023?

    So you meet London in a bad day, I lived on London for more that a moth and was all October and part of November, the weather was amazing just a couple of raining days, but beautiful cold days with sun, definitely my favourite weather.
  4. Friend reminder

    We must certify the audio
  5. How many times Britney was...

    Oh , I see
  6. How many times Britney was...

    There's also other I can't remember the song but was a Britney demo and someone purchase the rights and did a ft with the Britney parts (like two steps behind me from a DJ who uses the Madge vocals)
  7. My new fragrance oh la la París, is out now exclusive in France...
  8. They are fake as f**k I'm surprised they didn't delete the tweets , but they tweet a lot so maybe they think people don't have a record of them
  9. Zero reliable Not they again they said Britney was release an álbum last Friday at midnight They are reliable as fiebre, Othello, temptation, makemeooh .
  10. ME

    Accurate af
  11. U want a tropical latin song?

    Can't wait to see Broni covering pxndx