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  1. The hell happened to her face??

    Kesha Aguilera tbh
  2. A mic on and her vocals, that'd be my dream collab
  3. All I know is after the shaving, her beautiful hair has never been the same
  4. This guy keeps her relevant Rise up Glory, this is just the beginning
  5. Isn't Britney name always popping out in this show?
  6. Glory's album sales are embarrassing

    Some fans think RCA wants to flop and lose money they don't even know how a company works Glory's floppage was pretty obvious from the very begining: a scrapped video, a lead single announced just like that, an album rushed in the announcement without at least 2 months of hype, no marketing design on the album cover & booklet, terrible promotion choices (and almost non existant) Vegas nightmare continuity, SP as second single with another feature, shall I continue?
  7. Why Doesn't Brit Do Much Press?

    This is the reason why
  8. well, actually I find this a bit of true... Toxic became one of Brit's most famous anthems as time went by
  9. Did James Corden Avoid Shading Britney?

    I wouldn't say britney was the worst singer on CK, perhaps it was the most uncomfortable carpool karaoke coz her team must have given James a huge set of rules of what to ask, what to say and how to act next to her... not to mention that singing was out of the question
  10. POM songs: What would you add/drop?

    All of them, I don't wanna hear them for a year at least
  11. OMG that nightmare has been haunting Britney for decades...she should be called Anabelle Marie tbh
  12. New IG

    I wish Britney were as honest as you are
  13. New IG

    what's supposed to mean?
  14. spill it gurl! The only numbers Britney had as legacy are no longer relevant
  15. AMA's this Sunday?

    The only way Xtincta can have her moment of fame...doing tributes, never her own songs
  16. AMA's this Sunday?

    She'll be busy listening to Taylo'r new album
  17. Congrats on Taylor and her smart team B team please take notes
  18. Pink’s Voice Sounds Incredible On Carpool Karaoke

    It was nice but the selection of songs was pretty bad imo, she has so many amazing tracks and they chose the worst ones