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  1. So since we know Kenzo is the secret project...

    I think she wanted to text a heart and pressed the wrong emoji
  2. She's making the clothes look epic as f**k! OMFG!!! What is happening???!!!
  3. kenzo campaign's latest video!!!!

    Already more iconic than all ther videoclips since Work Bitch
  4. Queen of big brand commercials after 20 years in the business When will all those pop acts from 2000?
  5. Tomorrow is the day...we may get a full commercial with music plus photoshoots and the media is already praising this truly smart move from her team https://www.usmagazine.com/stylish/news/britney-spears-is-rumored-new-face-of-kenzo-details/ When will Oreos tbh?
  6. OMG it looks so effin good on her
  7. TBH.... her neverending comeback
  8. so we have 30 dates for POM Tour so far and perhaps a few more yet to be added....now this feels like a tour you better invest a lot of money on the stage, props & sets to deliver an excellent show B team!
  9. Is this picture of Britney real?!

    and we got a winner
  10. What it's like to be me

    epic performances she has such a wonderful catalogue of songs apart from her most famous hits I'd die to see What U see Is What u get being performed again
  11. Actress of the century tbh & her boob saying hi deserves an oscar too
  12. Lonely could be a hit in 2018

    awww I love Lonely, haven't listened to it for years Playing it right now
  13. Underrated

    In one she means "material things are not important at all" in the other one "work hard to get as many material things as possible"
  14. Underrated

    "you don't have to roll like a millonaire, baby I would go with you anywhere...we don't need no gold, we'll be shining anyway, we'll see" and a few months later... "You wanna live fancy? Live in a big mansion? Party in France? You better work bitch" Kween of changing her mind in 3 months