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  1. 1 hour ago, LilyRoseAllen said:

    If only she never released any best of/GH album then it would have been great... I think she should stop releasing GH album. She already have something like 15... :plzexplain:

    Greatest hits albums are pointless in streaming era... plus what hits from the past 6 years would she include? :tiffcackle::tiffcackle::tiffcackle::tiffcackle::tiffcackle:

  2. 1 minute ago, Mr_Steven_Spears said:

    They should of used that show as the start Of the Glory era :mattafact:

    I believe that was the intention, I mean why would she perform a medley out of nowhere? Besides Robin Leach confirmed the original idea was to present her new single that night


    But as many other things that didn't work for her team, they scrapped the idea and put G-easy on the track believing an end of summer release would smash the world :tiffcackle:


    They wasted a great opportunity since BBMA are a bigger deal than the VMAs but then again, her team is stuck on the 90s  :imok:

  3. Well, she kindda deserves it tbh :tiffanynod:


    She's been working nonstop since 2008 (sometimes for better and sometimes for worse) The only time she was completely out of the public eye was in 2010 and we know many weird things happened that year... :lemmetellu:

    So can we really blame her for doing something she's been wanting since For the record? Despite feeling bitter about it, I think she needs time with herself :kyliecry: 

    2018 will be her most silent year ever, so we can expect anything....mark my words :brit:

  4. I wasn't scared, I was just sad watching my icon destroy her entire career and being a complete joke on every channel :kyliecry:


    People would come to me and say "Hey did you see your ex pop princess doing this or that"? I was a bit ashamed tbh, I stood by her but I have to admit I was a bit angry as well :kyliecry:


    But I guess it's part of growing up, I made many mistakes in my life...like many mistakes but I wasn't followed by paparazzis 24/7 :whitney:

  5. 25 minutes ago, ItsEJBitch said:

    Was there any confirmation on the second residency rumor?

    There's no confirmation of anything so far... no new residency, no new album, nothing :lemmetellu:

    We all know robotney will be shut down the first couple of months, and we need that tbh. She needs to find out what she really wants to do with her life and legacy :meltdown:

  6. He was a great music writer & producer but Ke$ha situation destroyed his entire career, so I really don't see any artist working with him in the future since he's been labeled under the category of "monster" :lemmetellu:

    We don't know if Ke$ha was right or not, all we know his career is over while she's still singing and selling :whitney:

    I hope Britney teams up with Max Martin again, at least for 1 or 2 tracks :anxiety:

  7. 36 minutes ago, Maryy said:

    yeah... another old-Britney happening quoted.

    that's how it works nowadays: people just remember what she did in her 20's. nobody cares about currentney anymore.

    well, this happens to most artists that did something iconic :lemmetellu:

    Everyone can quote madonna's iconic things from the 80s or 90s...but what about something iconic recently? 

    Everyone can quote Gaga's iconic meat dress or something crazy...but what about something iconic recently? 


    Same applies to Britney :tiffanynod:

  8. Oh please....this is how things should have been :whitney:

    POM residencyt 2013 to 2015

    Glory release in 2016 as it happened and World tour in 2017

    New residency of 2 years announced by the end of 2018


    A 4 year long residency was totally unnecessary for all of us, including Britney :lemmetellu:

  9. I didn't share MM video when it was released, and most of the fans I know did the same thing...it's embarrasing, disgusting and annoying :tiffanynod:


    For me, MM is an amazing song WITHOUT a video, so if I ever watch her vevo channel I only play the audio or the VMA performance, I usually use Spotify tho  :bang: