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  1. They're probably aiming for the latino market, Pitbull & Marc Anthony are pretty loved in latinamerica or at least their songs hit the radio :rlynow:

    We all know the American music industry is in downfall lately :imok:


    Don't know, it might become a fun summer hit or a mess summer miss, either way I'm not expecting excellent music from our queen anymore, you should all do the same :imok:

  2. The track had already been introduced to Britney about three years ago when she was still recording Glory:tiffcackle:

    The pictures she posted with the dancers were at the place where the video was recorded. He told me that people who were in the location of the video said that the single sounds like 'Clumsy' but a little less EDM. The video and song will be out together on June 22 and she may be at the GMA to promote the song and talk about the tour and the next steps in her career. :tiffcackle:


    i´m sorry honey but this is something an agency like Epic Rights has no idea about...they only take care of merchandising, not Britney's career

    Do you work for a marketing agency? I do :boredashell:

    nice try :ricackle:

  3. 20 minutes ago, Isla. said:

    Yep, because that Robin Leach guy 'confirmed' it but then it didn't get released till July. I have a feeling that may have been the case at some point though and Robin Leach is quite well respected in the entertainment industry. 

    Robin Leach is pretty respected and he knows a lot of info. It was pretty obvious Larry confirmed to him the single name & release date but then they pushed it back to add G-easy (remember the "technical difficulties") since RCA might have thought Britney's solo version was too weak or incomplete :pleaseshhh:

    Then Britney recorded the video in June to premiere it with the song in July, but well, the scrapping-gate happened and the song tried to survive without a video till August this day  :imok: 

    In this case, nobody has confirmed or denied if she's releasing a single so far! We just got Britney's pic from a set and that was pretty much it, no reporter has given proof that this is in fact happening so I don't know what to think or say :rlynow:

    The only rumors her team has shut down immediately were the ones related to her health or family, only personal stuff. I truly believe they enjoy watching us living from rumors on twitter :sickofu:

  4. Lyrics be like...

    "pie, pie, pie...hot in the oven n' risin' up

    pie, pie, pie...not time to waste come to my house

    pie, pie, pie...you'll be delighted, I cross my heart

    pie,pie,pie...eat my peculiar apple pie"



  5. 1 hour ago, BOBIBCFBG said:

    She couldn't say bitch on the Super Bowl? I never thought of that...

    well, I believe the SP is family-oriented so she could say it but it'll be censored on tv. Pretty much like M.I.A while singing her verse of Madonna's "Give me all your loving" she said "I don't give a sh!t" and flipped off to the camera, but all of it got censored for tv :unbothered:

  6. 27 minutes ago, Bxnes said:

    So Katy Perry’s and Justin Timberlakes half time Show was “Epic”? I don’t think so... Katy definitely had a really good production etc but it wasn’t amazing. Justin’s was well...

    Well, Katy's was pretty good either lipping or live singing, she nailed it. I'm not the biggest fan of hers but she delivered a pretty good show and family friendly. Madonna was also pretty good but she danced her ass off.... and Justin I didn't even watch, I don't like his music so I couldn't tell you :rlynow:

    Britney would be lipping which is not something that bad (Madonna did it) but she would do it so badly that people might feel offended... and her lack of dancing would be too obvious. For SP to work with Britney, she'd need to rehearse at least for 3 months...it's not just a televised show, it's the biggest event in American TV :lessons:

  7. Not sure...it could be her biggest mess ever televised :imok:

    GP expect EPIC performances for the Super Bowl and les's be honest...have we had any EPIC performance in the last 10 years? BBMA16 could be the closest thing to that but yet people thought she was still stiff as a rock :rlynow:

    I really don't know if the SP could be any good to what's left of her legacy tbh :tiffhair: