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  1. 3 minutes ago, Dark.Knight said:

    i don't even know why she tried to bring the guitar back to POM cuz she sucked at it, she clearly killed it when she did it on the FFT

    that's why they scrapped it after a few nights, people were physically feeling ill due to its magnificent power

    Look how she slays that guitar :rlynow:  :yasqueen:

  2. 14 minutes ago, LisaJane said:

    Perfume commercial maybe? Although I don't know why that would be such a big secret.

    Doubt it, she just announced her lastest fragrance in January so if another perfume comes this year it'll be after summer but why would she film a commercial with so many months in advance? :lowkeyno:

    The highest chance was a photoshoot for a magazine imo, but then again it doesn't make sense at this point...magazines have a schedule of upcomming issues of at least 3 months in advance but they would have told us already :nyheadache:

  3. Just now, PokemonSpears said:

    What I've always wondered is what's gonna happen when her kids become adults. Are they gonna be free, independent citizens while Britney is still under a conservatorship? Will they eventually become her conservators, like, when Jamie passes away or something? I know there is the other lawyer too, but I guess one of the parts has to be a direct relative.

    I think the C-ship will end the moment her sons turn 18, and it still keeps on because they're still under age :whitney:

    Let's not forget the c-ship was reinforced with minors being involved in Britney's situation :tear:

  4. 1 minute ago, Dripping For Britney said:

    How many times have we heard this? 

    It's ending after the circus tour, its ending at the end of 2010, at the end of fft, after x factor, when Vegas begins, when Vegas ends, blah blah blah

    She's going to be in a conservatorship until the day Daddy Jamie dies.

    Bookmark me :rlynow:

    Definitely...she's way too happy in this comfort zone :iwin:

  5. 26 minutes ago, kejotik said:

    as I said, probably tour backdrops... to "revamp" something, since we know she won't alter the choreo...

    Tour backdrops are not filmed 9 months before the tour starts since the artist may change his/her appearance and body :lowkeyno:


    and if it's album related then is a bit weird since the photoshoot for the booklet is one of the last steps, first u need a complete and finished album to design its art :wyd:


    This secret project was simply scrapped...

  6. According to Us Weekly (usually 95% bullshit) Britney Spears is feeling confident enough to take control of her life and she’s counting on that summer gig to further prove her healthy state, notes the insider. It’s Britney’s hope that after the tour, Jamie will agree to have a discussion about ending the conservatorship of her as a person.”






  7. On 1/31/2018 at 9:44 AM, Mc54 said:

    LaChappelle mentioned it at a meet & greet for his book signing. She was nervous about the way the video would turn out and her management stepped in and had it squashed. 

    Don't think that was the main reason...I mean, a videoclip has a concept  and a pre-production so that concept needs to be approved by the artist, the team & the label and the latter puts the money and calls for sponsors. Now if that concept was greenlit then you can't scrap it afterwards :pleaseshhh:


    I believe something else happened while shooting since as far as I know she walked out of the set in the last day and that's why we never saw a full bulldozer scene coz it's not complete at all :sofedup:


    The material filmed was put together and that's how it leaked, someone put it together unfinished and that someone needs to be exposed :whitney:

  8. 9 minutes ago, BienLoco said:

    You guys do realize that a lot of tickets were bought by resellers, dont´t you? So, there are still a lot of empty seats left until those resellers can sell their tickets. The date may be "officially" sold out, but when it comes to the concert night, there's still a change it won't be full  

    I'm a bit scared of that tbh.... but why would resellers do this as if Primeney was walking amongst us? :yasqueen:

  9. 1 minute ago, Caroline77 said:

    Yeah but even this doesn't really make so much sense. Because lbr, less than three months is really nothing, plus if she would be doing worldwide promotion while she's touring too then once she's back home she can rest for months or even more, since the biggest work would have been done already. 
    With Vegas, she always has to go back and forth for YEARS, even if it's not that far it can become tiring in the long run plus she doesn't have big breaks (i mean she has like 1 or 3 months in between legs which is big already but it's not like she could take a year off or whatever), and promotion is rare but it's very random over the year like she could have no material out but she will appear somewhere because vegas still has to be promoted (example with bbma 2016).

    So yeah, it would be like 3 intensives months, but what's best ?? 4 boring years doing the same thing over and over again with no big break, or do everything at once during 3 months and then you're free ?? I would  choose the 3 months option tbh. :tiffanynod:

    yeah, I pretty much agree with you! It's what most artists do, go touring intensively for a few months and then they take a rest but well, it's Britney...she just doesn't wanna move I think :imok:


  10. 13 minutes ago, Godney's Sweet Ass said:

    The GP will love the show - it's full of the songs they want to hear (minus Breathe On Me, Touch Of My Hand and the other non-singles :gloria: )


    As a fan, I always hoped Primeney would return, but GP don't expect that. They just want to sing along to their favourite Britney songs. 


    She's a nostalgia act now. 99% of the audience won't have heard Make Me or Work Bitch or Slumber Party before :yasqueen:

    Actually, if she released her lead single by the end of March and it's a real bop, something pop dancing old-school-Britney-type-of-song then it'll attrack more GP to her shows... with a studio album dropping in June  :ineedthetruth:

    if this was planned it could totally be reconfigured like:

    US  leg: July

    Europe leg: August - September

    US + Canada + Mexico  leg: October 


  11. 4 minutes ago, Pickle Rick said:

    Being realistic GP are not expecting something different from her Vegas show... they don't care about new music , they are in for her old hits

    Even the promos are about "last time to see her Vegas show on the road". We can expect new costumes and maybe two or three song changes .... buy nothing more. 

    And on the first date can already see a huge meltdown here if she won't change something and perform the LIC version... guys we now she will take POM, don't expect anything and be happy with what she's doing 

    we all know what's really gonna happen...u don't get the thread I think :rlynow: