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  1. Don't know what to say tbh...at this point, I mean TODAY, THIS MOMENT I don't see any point on releasing a new album, not at all. Her singles flop, her videos are worse than terrible, no passion, lack of so many things. The only good thing was the quality of Glory sound, that's all. I' saw her in Vegas, had a blast not gonna lie but she can't stay there till she's 95. :lessons:

    She needs a long break, and return with a reinvented self..many artists take long breaks to find their way. That's what I believe she needs now...FIND HER WAY AND WHAT SHE REALLY WANTS TO DO... this britney is not helping anybody imo :NYsassy:


  2. I remember the audience saying they cut the show more than once while tapping due to Britney's team request, and that Larry and her father would interrupt to comfort Britney coz she was fragile as hell. The rumors said she felt way too uncomfortable with the audience (they were not fans but extras) and with the fact that she was forced to be in that show as part of the FTR airing deal. She didn't want to see her old days on screen in front of everyone, it wasn't the right moment to do that.


  3. 9 hours ago, David Rose said:

    Yeah, but that was with pretty heavy promo for her standards. Carpool karaoke is the most popular viral promotion she could do, everyone and their moms saw that, literally my entire family who dont give a f*ck about her were all talking about it. Plus the VMAs which is a pretty big deal for Britney. It's not like she's gonna take the Grammy/Superbowl stage, so as far as awards shows go, that was big for her. Apple Music Festival which exposed her to every Apple subscriber, countless radio interviews as well as festival performances, which on the surface seem meaningless but are actually pretty important seeing as she has enough trouble getting radio stations to spin her stuff. That won't improve as time goes by. Yeah, the promo could have been more GLORY-centric, but she was definitely out there.

    Take that promo away and that number wouldn't look so good. As she gets older and her career progresses further, she's not gonna amp up promotion, she's gonna tone it down. "Some effort" is a lot to ask for Britney, what we got for Glory was honestly her max effort promo wise. It can only go downhill from here. Also, I hate to say this, but she becomes more and more irrelevant by the day, you can literally feel it. For me, after the hyped up VMA performance and the subsequent snooze fest she delivered, it really kind of cemented the fact that the days of getting excited about Britney's performances and career are kind of over. And I don't just mean for us as stans, but for pop culture enthusiasts in general.

    Hate to sound negative, but thats the truth. Radio support will continue to be a problem, streaming will continue to be a problem, and her dwindling loyal fanbase will have inevitably shrunk for a variety of reasons. Guarantee she won't break 100k sps for B10 and honestly, I would predict similar numbers to what Miley is doing with Younger Now. Maybe a tiny bit better, but in that ball park. Book it.

    It wasn't havy promo....it was an OK promo tbh. She def promoted more than Brocolli Joan, but not as much as Circus or FF imo. :lessons:

    Carpool was a good idea being badly executed, everyone made fun of her, even James Corden gave an ambiguous answer when they asked him if Britney's episode was uncomfortable. Her team shouldn't have exposed her without preparation, specially knowing that show was pretty hot back in 2016 (not sure if it's still on or hot) :tiffhair:

    I like her VMA comeback but "Make Me" was the wrong choice for that performance. she's known for bringing down the house with dancing songs... it just felt something was missing. :tiffanynod:

    Apart from that, she only did those festivals to a reduce amount of people, she was on Today's show performing 2 song and that was it. Oh, then she flew to UK for 2 censored interviews and a messy performance as well. :lemmetellu:


    If we ever get  B10 instead of just promotional singles, I think the promo will be worse...call me negative, but her interest in her own career looks in comma to me  :whitney:

  4. Some fans here are correct, woud you keep investing a lot of money on a artist that does not generate that same money in return? I mean, she's not even touring to make up for it so if you were RCA would u stll support her singles? I'm not defending RCA, but she's not a money-maker artits anymore :tiffhair:


    Plus, Britney's attitude is a fundamental factor in here of course...if she doesn't love and treasure what she does then we're in serious trouble :lessons:


    Now do you really think Britney under a new label would make any difference? that she'd wake up one morning with her old dancing skills, the old promotion passion and her old artistry unbothered? :weusay:


  5. 11 hours ago, mercenary said:

    What a mess. Like seriously, what the hell happened, what was it that was so bad,a finished music video and probably a photoshoot got completely scrapped!? What caused a great artist like Lachapelle to not want to have anything with the project? I mean, they have had great collaborations in the past. TBH, I think it was Britney's team fault.  I hope one day a HQ version of the music video leaks so that we can enjoy the great music video that Make Me was.... And I really hope Britney and her team get their sh!t together for the next era. No more cheap productions and music videos. We need a great album cover and booklet, music videos that go beyond the cliches that are constantly present with music videos nowadays. We need an artistic side from Britney, maturity, a concept that directs the entire era, a cohesive era where the music vidoes tell one big story togehter.... 

    Sorry to shatter your dreams but I'm pretty sure due to Brocolli Joan & Glory's floppage we won't get big budgets for Britney's future music projects :whitneyshade:


    Plus, I believe what Fe supposedly said to a fan felt kindda true: "Britney does not need a new music, she has a huge backup catalogue for shows" so if you ask me I don't see any B10 studio abum in the coming years, only isolated promotional singles if we're lucky. I HOPE WITH ALL MY HEART I'm wrong since this is the final nail in her artistic coffin but we know how her team works... :lessons: