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  1. Is Britney big gay icon?**

    babe, being loved by the community does not make you a gay icon I wouldn't say Beyonce is a gay icon either but well...
  2. Is Britney big gay icon?**

    gurl, Cher is a bigger gay icon than Britney or Barbra Streisand https://www.out.com/entertainment/michael-musto/2014/08/25/12-greatest-female-gay-icons-all-time-also-nathan-matthew I love Britney but I don't think she's considered a gay icon, she's loved by the gay community which is totally different
  3. Whenever the song comes to my spotify list or vevo...
  4. Slave at Oprah

    The possession of exorcistney is real
  5. Dark mascara dripping down my face

    she was getting ready to make a cameo on Star Trek
  6. Rumour - Uk tour dates

    Everybody is an insider now
  7. it wasn't necessary at all, she spent the entire 2002 counting the millions she got from the Pepsi contract When will ur faves?
  8. Why can't she just bring elements from the original "Oops" choreo to the present?
  9. well, she never really embraced the song despite being her last #1 lead single and the moment she could ignore it, she did it Plus, people from the set said she gone nuts & started to scream while filming the video, specially in the paint scene... body double was used for that (as in other scenes) I truly believe Brit has songs that she literally HATES
  10. Absolutely, she only plays her safe songs We won't ever see overprotected, sometimes, born to make u happy, from the bottom of my broken heart, I'm not a girl, My prerogative, HIAM, etc and not to mention the ones that were not single and I mean EVER!