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  1. When will she release the first single off B10?

    Lead single off B10: 2019 Promotional single: this summer
  2. Met Gala 2018?

    Maybe the apple emojis meant "the big apple" after all
  3. Met Gala 2018?

    Queen of going viral
  4. Met Gala 2018?

    Who knows? Perhaps part of the contract with Kenzo is attending a few fashion shows for being the face of the brand
  5. The amount of picture we're gonna get throughout the weeks
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/BgjlYX4lNWx/?hl=es&taken-by=britneyspears
  7. The prices for each look are already here https://www.kenzo.com/en/bs-looks?page=0
  8. This angle is the reason I'm breathing right now
  9. kenzo already updated its facebook
  10. Actually it's 2:15 pm CET right now and the campaign will be unveiled at 5.30 pm CET so it's still 3 hours & 15 minutes left
  11. I think she wanted to text a heart and pressed the wrong emoji