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  1. Miss American Dream: The Britney Spears Story (You Want a) Piece of Me? The Britney Spears Story i'm afraid we're never going to get away from the Piece of Me references...
  2. it wouldn't be as bad if the bottom were shorts instead of a dress. But wtf was she thinking. And I'm tired of her puffy shoes too
  3. Britney Celebrity Lookalikes? (2015)

    I still wish that rumor of her playing Britney in a bio pic and Julia Roberts playing Lynn came true
  4. Britney Spears' Oct. 24 Piece Of Me Show Re-Cap

    Hate the courset. And Britney if you're going to wear this dress for circus please wear heals. Or change it from a skirt to shorts. Looks really awkward
  5. I would be Rachel. In 2011 at the femme fatale tour I went with a partially torn ham string and I'll I can remember was jumping threw the pain. I had to sit down during every interlude when the adrenaline went down
  6. Hopefully just as a bonus track I can't see it being on the main CD but I don't see them not including either
  7. Me Doing Matm & Bti Choreography

    I think you're trying to be too sharp with the moves but it's still good. Great job
  8. Watchmojo Shades Britney

    Don't they have like a top 10 Christina augilera video but not one for Britney. Flops
  9. They Changed Pg And Circus Outfit Tonight

    Pretty girls outfit looks great but from what I can tell from the circus outfit it looks like they went to good will and found it
  10. Which Of Britney's Alter-Egos Is Your Fave?

    I don't know if it counts but the character she played on her perfume commercial with the black wig and huge cross
  11. The Perez intro is definitely not the final version. The way he does some of his lines is way different than the official
  12. Why They Record Sooo Stupid Video For Hiam? And...

    What are you talking about. Hiam is amazing. It's def in my top 5 favorite videos of hers. It would be number one but I'm nostalgic for BOMT