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  1. We are talking about Britney team, of course. Not,
  2. god! We need to know the fucking secret project now! we are getting crazy,
  3. Rumour - Uk tour dates

    We have to wait and see
  4. 2001 AMAney performing TTWE

    Yeah the leotards looks terrible, she will look hotter, younger, with pants, and a crop top, ala dream within a dream , stuff like that.. tbh, even when Britney's body was amazing 2001, she was never that exposed or half naked like she is now, and in that time, she was amazing, .... but now they insist in putting her half naked, and not taking good care of her , just exposing her with the terrible leotards and cheap outfits
  5. Expect something Britney soon!!

    If there is a new single coming soon, if there is a new tour ,
  6. Expect something Britney soon!!

    i love the rumors... but I wish the news are good, and not another perfume
  7. 5 NEW songs? Super Bowl commercial? Its team Britney we are talking about ,
  8. Pandora sound, fiebre Britney, are fake
  9. When was the last time she was brunette?

    SHE need this for b10¡ looks so more younger classy,