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  1. THE thirst is real....
  2. Exactly, the only song we are getting it's pitbull collab, apple pie pie never exists, and the video Britney shot , was for the pitbull Marc Anthony collab video
  3. Hahaha. I can anymore with that twitter account... now it is scrapped? maybe because it doesn't exist
  4. Paulino999

    tour Best Piece of Me Dance Breaks.

    The work bitch break it's amazing,,, one of the bests I've ever seen, why she can't do this all the time ? And the womanizer its it's amazing to
  5. Exactly, we all should be very exited about this new confirmed music! im so exited about, I hope Britney sounds amazing on it, and of course I hope she sings a lot in the song, in fact, I hope she is the main vocal, i wanna know too, if she is going to record a video for it,
  6. Before of July, it will be the collab with pitbull and Marc Anthony.
  7. Paulino999

    exhale What If

    Exactly... for example... make me video fiasco...
  8. Paulino999

    other Could it be a Pepsi campaign?

    Yes it could be too..¿ at this point it can be anything... except apple lie