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  1. I can't believe how powerful Britney is.

    I want that hoodie ยก
  2. What is written here

    Another lost music video
  3. Exhale is for complaining, etc... exhale will I'll never be entirely happy with anything... dont get upset...
  4. Imagine if in some days rumors about a new single...
  5. Anyone else worried about her face?

    I don't have any problem with her aging, and getting older ... the problem is is her mouth ... I wish she could do something to reverse that surgery...
  6. I love clumsy

    I listened it yesterday and I was like... this is song is cool, I love it too.. OOPS
  7. Exactly! Thank you! Some exhalers just
  8. Best TCSBS Tour Videos

    Circus was amazing...!! I hope so,e of that tour comes back
  9. 3 is an amazing song... its so so sad that non of the performances in the past has gave it justice to the song.. femme fatale 3 ... bad... 3 IN POM... WAS A ok... but 3 deserves an iconic , sexy and badd ass performance,,
  10. Slay La La on the way to be VeVo Cert.

    I love oh la la... and the video she looks gorgeous
  11. Omg, I still remember that scene ! Thank god madonna was there to calm Britney ....
  12. So... What happened to THIS voice?

    A mistery.,,,,, and we all are waiting a performance of Britney Spears playing the piano. And singing live.... she must show the world those talents