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  1. Did she finish "Little Me"?

    Funny that she danced to the remix, not the original.
  2. Blackout: Get Naked Circus: Shattered Glass (it peaked in some charts as I remember) Femme Fatale: Inside Out for sure Britney Jean: Body Ache, if it had a decent production (I only love the chorus) Glory: Just Luv Me!!!
  3. She would have released Just Luv Me. Why? Because that song deserves that! Just imagine, a sultry, sexy, calm music video with 2004-Britney and that song!
  4. Most Wanted Unleaked Songs?

    Just Yesterday and Rebellion.
  5. Can we really consider her a legend after one more succesful era?

    This. She has so many songs which are a godsend, especially her unreleased ones from Blackout era. I think if she decides to retire now, why not? She will always be remembered.
  6. POM Show in Berlin

    Deutsch? Can you ask her to leak some stuff? Please? (joking)
  7. It makes me personally feel relaxed and working while listening to it works like a charm. Pharrell did a good job. Too bad it never made the cut. (It's my new ringtone.) What is your favorite Britney song to relax?
  8. POM Show in Berlin

    Anyone here who goes to POM show in Berlin?