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  1. Lonely could be a hit in 2018

    Deserved to be a single. The "Britney" album is phenomenal.
  2. Voice sounds like Xtina

    BRITNEYi know this is a sloppy demo/All Cried Out remake but wish you recorded more music like this
  3. Worst song from each album

    I'm sorry.. did you really think you had the audacity to come for Britney's best song? and then you have the nerve to come for others when you just trashed the best of the best..
  4. Worst song from each album

    All 3 are trash and the worst songs off of glory
  5. Worst song from each album

    Mess at people listing I'll Never Stop Loving You, You Got it All cover, Anticipating, Let Me Be, INAGNYAW, Boom Boom, Early Mornin', and The Answer. These are all flawless, superior and stand out tracks from her catalog, no excuses.
  6. what new song u wish it was britneys

    Perfect - Ed Sheeran New Rules - Dua Lipa
  7. Worst song from each album

    Her best song period and thank you for recognizing it where that previous member failed. Darkchildney snapped btw.
  8. Worst song from each album

    BOMT: The Beat Goes On OIDIA: None. Flawless album ofc. <3 But if I had to choose, Dear Diary is the song I listen to the least on it. Britney: Boys ITZ: Brave New Girl Blackout: Radar Circus: Blur / Radar FF: Criminal BJ: Chillin' With You Glory: What You Need