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  1. Yeah but if the artist doesn't show up.. You still gonna blame her team?
  2. Everybody comes to, Hong-Kongwood, except for.. Britney?
  3. A lot off "Good girl gone bad" material was written and produced for her, but went to Rihanna instead And please, don't blame her team, but Britney herself. I used to read all about her unreleased stuff back in the days and the story goes that producers wanted badly for Britney to do Umbrella. They waited for too long and I remember reading that everyone gave up on her but the main guy. They gave up on her because she just wouldn't show up at the studio, although she promised to them several times. And when finally even the main producer gave up, she heard it, loved it and wanted to do it, but by that time, Rihanna has already spread her hands all over it. Smart girl I used to read all that on some site that doesnt exist no more, unreleasedbritney smth. I think user @Isla. Was once managing it
  4. Her pu$$y was hanging out that night, so its not fair to post this one
  5. Omg hahahah I see the similaritiy, but Its not the same lol maybe, yes, or South American Femme Fatale low-budget edition
  6. I can't believe y'all are trashing those adorable fans. At least they've gotten the best out of this experience. I mean, he performed infront of the queen, singing her song!!! I would die to experience that. And she didn't look uncomfortable at all, just her usual way of dealing with her fame lol she even complimented his costume twice and encouraged him to continue singing. What is wrong with y'all
  7. I think its the Oops album on the right