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  1. I was surprised at how he shaded Britney in his reply on twitter
  2. How I Roll Appreciation Thread

    The most interesting song on FF, really the only song (except maybe kinda Criminal) that was doing something original. The rest of FF just sounds like other top 40 bs from the time, and it's extremely dated and basic now
  3. How come she looked like primeney here?

    She looks good cause she actually has eyebrows and she doesn't have black makeup smudged all over her eye socket. Really, that's all it takes.
  4. "Glory" is still my sh!t

    Wow. Some of these comments are absolutely delusional. Just because it's passable music and it isn't unbearable to listen to like BJ doesn't make it a masterpiece. Glory did nothing but recreate 2015/16 trends in pop music with Britney's voice. It's not a bad album but there's absolutely nothing noteworthy or special about it as an album. As a Britney album, however, a definite improvement and cute direction, I adore it but only because I'm a stan. If I'm being realistic, it's extremely basic.