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  1. I tried re-uploading it! Maybe it worked now but idk I'm bad at using technology!
  2. So I went clubbing last night with some friends, and I randomly decided to do a Britney hairstyle, with the pigtails, like she wore while performing on the Jonathan Ross show (btw a lot of exhale sh!t on that hairstyle but it's so cute!) Anyways, weirdly enough, after I did my hair like Britney a bunch of Britney related things kept happening. I walked into the club and went straight to the bar, and the bartender working there called herself Brittany Bitch and was making Britney themed shots for the night, just because. I had a couple shots and walking around I kept seeing girls dressed in Britney themed outfits! I later found out they were all there for a bachelorette party and they just decided to all dress like Britney for the night, just because. Naturally me (in the middle with a pink shirt) and my friend (with the burgundy skirt) got a picture with them! There was also more Britneys but they weren't all there for the picture haha. Also the DJ played Do You Wanna Come Over which I have NEVER heard at the club before, and I danced my ass off. He also played Womanizer later in the night. Anyways I just thought that it was so weird how many Britney related things happened randomly in this random club in a random Canadian city. Legends only lol, this is what happens when you're TOO relevant.
  3. I'm Latina but everybody calls me Mexican and thinks it's ok/the same thing and ultimately although I'm sure the person who made the problematic post originally didn't have racist intentions, they were ignorant and the outcome of that ended up being racist and stereotypical, and I don't think that's very cool. People can be so rude and condescending about Mexican culture and they always try to justify it but it's so wrong.
  4. Lmao preach
  5. Yeah that's me haha