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  1. Bless them. I low-key root for them but things aren't looking too good for them atm.
  2. They need to fire their stylist.
  3. Well done. You did a great job! Love this outfit.
  4. "Me Against The Music" turns 14

    Love the song (even though im in the minority)! The mv had so many amazing moments... I live for this this stare down. It is everything. The way she peels off them straps.... The way she shoves Poot Lovato out of the way... I could go on and on... It was the most magical time to be a Britney Stan
  5. P!nk is simailar. sometimes she shades her. sometimes she's praises her. I can never keep up.
  6. Yeah, In all seriousness it's pretty sad. Hope London is safe somewhere
  7. She's actually referring to her dog London who mysteriously disappeared around that time . if you listen carefully you hear him bark during the phone convo. Justiceforlondon. poor bubba
  8. Hell yes. Original Doll remixed. reimagined. Still iconic.