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  1. So true. She looked great and production rocked, but this is the definition of going through the motions. There's ZERO joy in the performance. Though I think it's slightly better than cocaine fueled Duracell bunny Brit we have at the minute.
  2. This GIF (Vegas opening ceremony)

    She really did look great. Plus the styling was on point. Classy and sexy. I really think it was the lip lift that started things looking really off. As you said, after X-Factor the small bit of surgery helped her look fresher. Her skin was also good and her hair looked clean for a lot of it. There is one gif she looks odd in. The one where she tells a fan she's wrong about what YT video has the most few and the camera zooms into her eyes. She has less make-up on and you can kinda see the eyelift lines or something... it's just pretty noticeable.