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  1. feed my hole
  2. She didn't know the bomb was at Ariana's concert. She thought it was at Selena's. The drama at POM is the same every day, half assing her performances and cutting difficult choreos to make easier ones.
  3. She's been dancing since she's like 4 years old and she's got an athletic body. Dancing is definitely not an issue for her, it's in her nature. Stop making excuses. Madonna is like 50 and she dances with more energy than Britney.
  4. she never fucked her way to the top cause she was a virgin during her prime legends only
  5. I saw the game included some POM tour moves! we aint worthy
  6. you can see her neck, not her vocal chords. She might be whispering the song to make it look real. She definitely doesn't sing. you can see her opening her mouth really big and shaking her head during Make Me too. It's called ACTING.
  7. too bad she did playback for the whole performance ! sorry hun but vegasney is so much betta, slaying us with ha power vocals and hardcore dancing everyday. Celine Dion and Janet Jackson are SHOOK
  8. what are you talking about? exhale was created around 2006/2007, and her performer skills went downhill after that.
  9. Today's been a hard week Lipsync drama Ariana drama POM drama Let's just leave all behind and play Britney Spears: American Dream, shall we? y'all better pay for the special energy btw. And if you're still angry you can still buy haute couture clothes with Britney's name on it. It's only $45 Anyway, just spend your bucks bitches. Regards, Larry
  10. Maybe her team didn't talk to her about it to not scare her however it's tragic that she doesn't use internet for anything else than looking for tacky cakes and flowers for instagram
  11. at least she doesn't use playback to count to 10 like in the Circus Tour POM Tour is like a whitney concert to her if she compares it to the circus tour
  12. queen of conquering the world genghis khan is SHOOK
  13. I hate that bald bitch but she's kinda right
  14. YES Something like Touch of my hand