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  1. If she wasn't a celebrity that look would really work for her. But it ages her horribly now, last time short hair really worked for her brand was the oops era.
  2. Slumber Party could have smashed if it was released during the drake/weeknd domination period. Having one of them or Selena featured would have been a nice change. It's true that big acts won't touch her due to her lack of dedication to the promotion of any song. Her team doesn't even use her social media to properly showcase her own releases, let alone a feature. When asked about collabs she always name drops big voices like Beyonce, Celine, Mariah and Gwen...none of those would even work. If Nicki did a singing type feature it could've been cool but an insert rap would have just sounded like 'Side To Side' and that song already buried SP cause it sounds the same. Everybody kept expecting a Justin B collab and that would have been great for her brand, his remix feature now is on the verge of breaking yet another record. Her team is always a day late and a dollar short. Maybe getting out and doing festivals and touring again was showing people she's still interested in her career but the half assing and lip syncing is still all anybody sees. Still blows my mind she had the balls to lip sync next to her 'Glory' featured artists singing live vocals, that was so awful. It's way past time to put pre-recorded tracks to use.
  3. Just like Janet, Britney is known and remembered for having that iconic choreography. Janet still uses her original choreo for a lot of stuff she did all the way back to the 80's because fans love to see their favorite videos brought to life. It's more of a Madonna move to change the routine with each tour, she's never been known for her dancing. If she's not going to serve vocals the least Brit could do is give us those dance moves everyone knows and loves. I was really happy when some of the old MATM steps came back for Piece Of Me. She's even said the oops choreography is the most well known, makes no sense why it wasn't included even a little bit. If you're gonna milk the nostalgia cow do it the backstreet and nkotb way and really give people what they want. Those boys do original choreography and keep booking tours and cruises.
  4. It was cute at first, like a place holder for something different. I assumed they would either change songs often or it would become a Glory medley...now here we are and it's still exactly the same. She really seems to dig those old ass songs so it's whatever, anything is better than walking around lip syncing 'perfume' in that neon section. Still pressed they never added her number 1 hit "Hold It Against Me' to that segment, lol.