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  1. How do you feel about this pic?

    This photoshoot and her appeal to an older crowd in totally lolita ways is what stopped her from being a one hit wonder tbh. Now as adults we know that’s what happened and really it’s messed up that they went as far as this photoshoot and then the “breast implants” which were clearly cutlet inserts if ya ask me. She hurt her knee and couldn’t keep the momentum and they sold her through this sexy young girl image and that’s twisted. I always hate talking to guys that claim to be fans but really they just jacked off to her. So awkward. Britney knew what she was doing. That story about her kicking her parents out of the room, unbuttoning her shirt and telling the photographer to shoot away shows she knew what had to be done to stay in the game. Really I like the pictures now but as a kid I had to ask an older guy to buy me the magazine cause I legit thought they wouldn’t let me cause it was like porn. Still interesting to me this is one of the few photoshoots we never got outtakes from. Makes me wonder if they took it even further, gross to think about.