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  1. We love promo btw I wonder if I'll see all my past hookups at the show?
  2. Oh wow oh wow Memoirs tho? That's very mid tempo for the most part.
  3. You will put respek on chamys name tyvm. Side note: when I signed up for Mariah's fan club for the pre order I made my username charmbrandon lol Poor m&m she melted ha
  4. I know. I didn't even notice when she switched lol I was in my own world that night. I wanna try get a selfie with Mariah in the background this time. Imagine if she poses mid song for my picture? nnnn I'll die
  5. Oh wow learning the local language. Bilingual queen. Travel the world or rot in Vegas? Give your international fans their life of film random Instagram videos? These are the decisions Ms. Spears has to make.
  6. Well whatever it is it's working and that's all that matters Lockers are so American lol we had to carry everything around in our backpacks at highschool
  7. Exactly. Nobody is gonna care about a damn plot when they see you in a cage with ya nips out and giving you streams. David lachapelle does such amazing work just think of all the amazing photos we missed out on too Also what was the plot in 3?
  8. Seems that way. I don't know any of their names. I've never been here for that blonde one tho. Idk why Me? Trash taste? Never. Hdu doubt me. I'm triggered tbqh.
  9. Music, confession's and hard candy had bops tho
  10. I guess e=mc2 could be considered more up tempo off the top of my head, I mean migrate whewww wig. But I wouldn't exactly call any Mariah album uptempo it's always a mix.
  11. Oh wow school the gurls sis. Another reason why charmbracelet is amazing.