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  1. On a brighter note, blackpink have finished recording their next project. My wig is in your area
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/MariahTrends/status/976192392171806726 @RAWR! Is quaking
  3. Your avi serving my avi teas. We love a spinning queen
  4. #1s tour is still being promoted on online ads so new album tour cancelled. Bitch we thought
  5. We been knew Making excuses cause your Photoshop free trial expired I see. Hes really is a fatty isn't he sis?
  6. What's not powerful is Katy and ha ratings tho. All wigs have apparently remained intacT nationwide. How rude. Give the fans what they want fat
  7. She was probably high off ha post op medication when she let that rumor fly Would've been amazing tho
  8. Because no drama was that girl and faded flop just didn't serve me impact or further interest. Only watched it once. Are you big mad or little mad? Why do I feel like that's how he already looks? How worse could things get?
  9. The same thing kinda happened with Linda Perry after beautiful was released. Xtina even got pressed that pink wanted to work with ha. She was a fad tho Is there anything legend can't do? That woman, ha mind it amazes me
  10. Oh I binged drag race all stars last week lol. Shangela was ROBBED of ha crown I watched that when I was a kid. I think I stopped once Shannon left and that other one came in. You won't be saying that when that gif is in a history museum with my quote next to it.
  11. My dog gets fat comments all the time lol but that's only cause he's the stocky type as bulldogs are but muscle weights more than fat so he stays winning. But that why the vets comment took me by surprise. In the outside I was like "you think so?" But on the inside I was like Wait what? What do you mean?
  12. Oh sis Celine got bops tho. Falling into you is an album whew Idk it's a gift set so it was probably made for the holiday season of whatever year it came out. There was also one that looked like a jukebox of some sort. You should already be stockedT up on moo perfumes tho sis. Do I smell a fake fan?
  13. Well, well, well aren't we an accomplished little lamb? But this is a pop culture fansite sis it hasn't been full Britney for years. I should know, I lived through that messy change. Which leads me back to my book that will cover such topics. Publish it fats
  14. One of them incredibly racist southern ones I presume? Sitting pon de rocking chair, knitting needles in hand reminiscing about the good ol days of segregation. Well then problem solved. Lemme kill him and take over. Bring in a new generation of lambs. RAWRpauls Lamb Race. Only the best will be crowned with the lamb title. RuPaul is quaking. Oh yes he is.
  15. No bcz I myself iz a legend of course. How was that not your first thought? I'm offended omg kys But this thread will eventually die one day. It will be the end of an era. A source may have shown me receipts.
  16. I never got into it. I'm just not interested at all Oh wow Lisa ha power. We stan an influential public figure. But yes that chorus >>>> my wig gets snatched with each 'uh oh uh oh' It's funny tho, I get more into 2NE1 and they disband and then I stan blackpink and they don't do s--t. I just can't win in the kpop world
  17. We love a celebrity cameo moment but lol @ you thinking I use public transport