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  1. Omg my favorite Brazilian has returned. I'm good sis how are you? Has vai malandra broken Mariah's #1 record yet? We love a bop Ok now someones gotta tell me wtf she's saying in that baby voice part cause idk
  2. I serve nothing buT sis we been knew that Omg why? I think it's pretty. We love a beauty mark.
  3. Just checking She was. How funny she adopted these morals while with the uglee but is clearly bouncing on ha younger more attractive man Omg are you trying to tell me memoirs was serving obese? I like that album
  4. Remember when Beyonce actually released hit songs herself? Seems so long ago. This could either mean you're really pretty or super ugly. This is a case for the FBI.krisjenner.gif
  5. Oh it does, just need to find one of the alternate links that supports it is all Oh well that did become a meme so they were clearly looking for pics that people must've posted on there. Still the longevity wasn't there. We win.
  6. Yass snatched that crusty moustache right off his face Is there a clip? Link me to this scene sis I'm watching celebrity big brother US
  7. Oh hold on now. When we're you gonna tell us you were with child? Omg what breed sis?
  8. We've been grazing here the whole time sis
  9. Poor your unadjusted wig. No Mariah music for you, you will never be able to put it back after its been snatched Screaming at me accidentally pasting that YouTube link in your post. We love promo tho buy it in stores now if you haven't already
  10. We're living in a Bruno Mars world now. Poor him indeed.
  11. Because the bandwagon was already rolling sis the comeback hype had wigs flying left and right. It's what she deserved
  12. More festive concept: keep the title but change the OP to just say jlo can't sing in really small italic writing in quote marks that's centered of course omg wig
  13. Omg passing my petty ways onto the next generation That means you'll be handing the birth of a new chapter onto Karl's non existent ass tho