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  1. @Mirage. being a #spicy sis from Texas did you ever get into Selena's music? I just got into ha recently. Bop after bop
  2. Because why discover generic pop songs on Spotify when you can discover bops like this instead?
  3. How did that song not even chart tho? I was so surprised. I guess I'm the only person who bopped Because i don't listen to the radio often and i dont play any of the top hits playlists on Spotify. I'm so unaware of alot of what's happening in music these days lol
  4. Don't transfer your fatty self hatred on to this skinny sis tyvm. I make malnutrition look chic and festive. Now I know you're not talking about THE charmbracelet like that?? AKA wildly known to fans as her second vocal prime???? No surely not. No relation whatsoever 
  5. The disrespect It's an island flavoured bop that probably had miss fenty quaking on the spot. People like to say she sounds like xtina on that song but let's not. Right after releasing a song titled keeps getting better but nothing did get better. But we stan burlesque so sis had ha moment's. I've never heard this sangria. So I guess lucky me?
  6. But those are the important years where they will develop who they want to Stan for and we must steer the youth to the hashtag lambily dahhhling
  7. Yass we stan an intimidating king although he was really all talk no bite haha
  8. Of course. Sisters snapped on ddu du omg my poor wig. Those gun moves are ICONIC already ugh their minds I always forget what AIIYL stands for. I can never remember the same of that song. It's so weird and idk why that is. You can Stan them over there by yourself then. Skinny blinks only in this thread tyvm.