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  1. I was listening to the platinum selling charmbracelet today and just caught the cute the roof reference in lullaby. I was shook. Also, speaking of shook. Mariah says that word in clown. Also with the amount of whispering it's basically asmr. Ugh what an iconic album ahead of the times and trends.
  2. I wasn't next to old ladies last time. I was next to a little Asian lady who switched seats with ha partner lol But yes only lambs that like to bop to the front plz.
  3. Tour bus? Mariah sweetie I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry this bitch thinks you don't travel by private jet omg Well she had like no ww tours for most of ha career so sis is just making up for lost time. A touring force.
  4. Mariahs looking like a skinny queen lately too. I saw clips from ha last show and I was shook. Poor you, can't relate
  5. Also we wouldn't have gotten a screenshot as glory ha album cover That video is so cringe. I honestly haven't watched it again since it first came out. Why Britney? WHYYYYYY???
  6. Well yeah but they gave me a few bops over these past few years so I didn't wanna do them too dirty Buttons is STILL that song and video all these years later. A classic. Orly? I'm more of a serve more buttons and bottle pops kinda gal but I suppose you fats need something to cry to
  7. Um ew no it was the one with the red hair I think? Lemme look these members up... Jesy. Ugh such a queen we love ha Of course I'm talking about CNCO why would you think otherwise?
  8. My show is first on the tour so idk what the merch is looking like this time around. But if they are there then of course I'll be getting one Yassss so close I can practically hand ha my adoption papers
  10. Buying my ticket for ha concert tomorrow morning. Im kinda nervous using the public presale instead of the Mariah fan club one. Those pesky scalpers better not snatch all the good seats
  11. The Christian charts are shaking And yes there is such a thing lol. http://www.billboard.com/charts/christian-songs Billboard really has a chart for everything.