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  1. Britney had the world shook with ha beauty in ha prime. Ugh so gorgeous I can't even. Well idk either omg #bros cancelled
  2. Yassssss young queens only my collagen is popping
  3. I think she's Russian. Our fave sis Stella would probably know ha. Russian legends only. Well duh of course it's no swish swish, switch is actually a good song. Lol but tbh I never heard swish swish but from reading those lyrics you posted, I'm guessing is from that song, it sounds basic.
  4. Ohhh that mash up one? Yes ok I remember now. Look at them spelling the band name in all lower case letters. So edgy and different and alternative.
  5. Smarties? Oh my is life that hard that you have to pop knock off m&ms? Why would know US history? Do you know NZ history? Omg yes the world is missing a good sex tape scandel dahhhling.
  6. Oh idk I think it's catchy Oh yes at you choosing a festive remix and not the original. I love how Karl is our Cady I still can't at that person getting our thread moved to general it was the most random unnecessary thing. All the mess started after that
  7. Because selling more albums than the one released before is isn't things picking back up?
  8. She does crush the lessers tho... On Instagram :] Maybe the sis has let her Instagram numbers go to her head and is feeling like she's a legend, hence the legend level promo? Smack the lupus out of ha sis tell ha to work bitch
  9. Yas tinashe is coming for that feat. title on the back cover
  10. I'm currently on the floor shaking rn https://mobile.twitter.com/MariahCarey/status/865839772094398464
  11. Pay no attention to this post it won't go away until I post something
  12. Oh wow what an iconic performance from the queen. I love how she chose to show she can bend her knees for 10 seconds, Britney shade?