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    Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Lil' Kim
  1. At least let their be some heavy petting sis IDGAF what anyone says artpop slays. I've always said that and will continue to. I mean i actually went out and spent coins on that CD. A bop. Her love for Joanne I find strange too.
  2. Because rihanna ha melanin be Poppin and Katy ha everything be not. Music is very urban these days so queen rih fits right on in there.
  3. Well that's what you get for listening to the radio you need an aux cord sis. Emote kween is coming back looking delicious I see what is she saying tho?
  4. She's American sis but no we ran ha out the country. You don't remember? No and I don't plan to. The only lesbian I listen to is demi singing cool for the summer tyvm AJs album reaction to confident was cute btw. I like ha.
  5. Oh wow anything cheese stuffed makes me wet oh wow oh woww looks gewd
  6. Oh, well get your facts straight before posting maybe? Idk ha but you should still watch the movies I listed so...
  7. I always knew that bitch Bertha was into cruising
  8. Yeah I like it. It's clearly noT the most upbeat song they've released (the lies tho can you believe they actually put that in the press release? Tried it) but I really like the verses and lisa rapping in English is cute. The chorus had to grow on me a bit cause it seemed a bit lackluster on first listen But she's prettier than stay so that's something
  9. I'm sure I tried that Omg tho I just realized you can clear those annoying posts that are still in the message box without having to post them again. I was shook.
  10. Ooh yassss tea. But lemme say they're for my bff who is like dying from aids or something just to cover myself if Stella decided to have a camera on me.
  11. LMFAOO BYE Well when I got adopted by Mariah I didn't need ha anymore lol that's a moment that shall remain untouched dahhhling
  12. Hey girlies. I'm fully recovered from my blackpink moment. Had my wig reattached