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  1. hi hello
  2. she obviously gained weight. nothing wrong with that but she should wear clothes that fit
  3. overdance? some of y'all are so used to britney's non dancing ass, you think anyone who actually puts in effort in their art is over doing it
  4. how do you know that tho? it's not just their mom not being there, but their mom choosing a new bf over her kids. she doesn't have them every year for the holidays, you would think she would make the most of it
  5. she sings, lips, and has pre recorded vocals. britney stops trying to lip sync when she thinks the audience can't see her. tell me again what does britney have over mariah?
  6. lol except mariah was never a dancer. she's a vocalist that still sings (even on her albums!) britney doesn't sing or dance these days. tell me what britney has over mariah?
  7. right?? like i honestly don't understand her. she contradicts herself way too much
  8. stop fooling yourself. mariah is a singer (vocalist), songwriter, and producer. she's been in the game for more than 20 years and she's proven her talent. obviously she has some issues these days, but that doesn't take away from her talent. britney never sings live, doesn't write, barely sings on her own albums, and can't dance anymore. people think she's a hasbeen and think she isn't talented. britney is not on the same level as mariah and never will be.
  9. say what? mariah is not a dancer at all. she's a singer. you can't even compare the two. britney doesn't even have half the talent mariah does
  10. she's probably in LA until posted otherwise
  11. and that's britney's own fault. kids see those bfs as a father figure, get attached to them and then bam they're gone. it's damaging to them and i hope britney has learned from her mistakes. however, ditching the kids on christmas when it's her year with them is not the way to go.
  12. well why didn't he post a pic of britney
  13. mariah is not a dancer, we been knew. she's a singer, who actually sings live and on her albums, britney cannot relate