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  1. Queen of not rehearsing for her tour and arriving the day before it starts
  2. nice to see britney and jessica biel getting along
  3. some of you guys need to lower your expectations for this tour... she's not rehearsing, it's going to be the same as PoM, same choreography, outfits and setlist. and she will probably fly in the day before like with apple music festival
  4. OP no offense but you are really delusional... britney is not an amazing performer anymore. she tried in 2015/16 but is not great anymore. jlo, beyonce, rihanna, even her backup dancer sarah are better performers than she is. can't wait for the downvotes
  5. she's not the hottest she's ever been but she's pretty when she wants to be imo
  6. meh, i don't think it's a mental health thing. there have been rumors that her label is making her do this bc she isn't selling well and also drugs
  7. yes many of them are fake fans lmao do you know that many people on instagram and social media buy their follows? 90 million people don't care about kylie jenner
  8. she's in a career phase where she needs to start actually caring about her career and putting in effort or it won't last. that's all
  9. not britney related