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  1. she's under a conservatorship and has been since 2008. what don't you get about that? read up about that. no decision is made without Britney's dad approval bc he's in charge
  2. not since the conservatorship started. britney's dad is conservator over britney the person and britney the brand (her businesses). not saying she doesn't have a say, but her dad has the final say. you saw it in the I Am britney jean doc, she was not even in the meeting discussing her own show/making the final decisions. also her dad controls her money still
  3. actually i think they're from two different ones. apparently from the one from 5 days ago she wore a crop top
  4. saw this on twitter. i believe it's from 5 days ago
  5. Britney's Insta "Made Fun of" on a Podcast

    well did they lie? it's become so cringy
  6. Worst interview look (video)

    yea her botox and lips look really bad but the shadow also highlights it so it looks worse
  7. while i think it's inappropriate to ponder if these terrible things have happened to britney, i don't think she's immune to it. if it has happened i don't believe she would able to speak out bc of the c-ship. it happened to gwyneth paltrow and her father was in the industry himself. and sooo many other big names, do you not follow the news, especially as of late?