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  1. if she could only dance like this again
  2. i wonder if it's the same source as thedirty who also reported it. but it's probably fake
  3. well i don't think anybody is complaining about the music. glory is a great album but the promo she did for it was ineffective and was not long lasting. there was no impact at all
  4. here's a video: http://starmagazine.com/videos/britney-spears-braless-boyfriend-drama/ she's with her mom
  5. it's bc she's not smiling. we'll see tomorrow during the m&gs
  6. it looks like it says sean and jayden. it's on the same necklace with a heart in between so it would be weird for it to say sam and jayden
  7. we don't know everything about it but conservatorships are for people who CAN'T take care of themselves...and britney can. she can work and be a mother and do everything but legally she can't. the whole things is shady and yes i do believe they don't want her to get better. she's they're cash cow