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    exhale KFed Officially Requests More Money From Britney

    He’s gonna be homeless in 6 years to I wonder if Sean and Jayden will just end up hating Kevin when they read all this when they are 18 and can decide where they want to live. Because both of them boys seem like mummy boys and you can tell they adore her. At the end of the day this is Britneys money and I bet Britney will pay whatever to him just to shut him up because she doesn’t care about the money. But maybe this is where now Jamie has properly said your being taken for a mug now so fight back and maybe she is fighting back. My guess is maybe Jamie will end his c-ship so Britney can fight for full custody if this gets worse ?
  2. Mr_Steven_Spears

    news KFed Officially Requests More Money From Britney

    Is this woman for real like seriously! The way she is shading Britney you would think Britney is some nasty woman. Has Kevin promised her an interview soon or something Because wendy your just arse licking right now. The way she goes goes on about the kids on how they could be saying ‘where’s your hot tub’? First of all her sons don’t even come across like they show off with things and I doubt they do cause we know Britney isn’t like that. Wendy makes me so angry with her views on Britney all the time, she talks about 2007 all the time move the f*ck on.
  3. Mr_Steven_Spears

    exhale KFed Officially Requests More Money From Britney

    Seriously can he just get a job? If your really worried you can keep up with your ex lifestyle then go and make money, somewhere Jesus. Go on some crap reality shows I’m sure a production company will find him some garbage reality show he can make some quick cash on. The judge should look into his finances and ask questions and force him to get a job. He is so screwed once they both turn 18. Tomes ticking and he knows it and he’s trying to milk every penny from Britney.
  4. Mr_Steven_Spears

    other Britney looking at 'Britney Jean' findings in Google

    Omg at that ok cover that wasn’t real was it the photoshop is like it was done on Microsoft paint.
  5. Mr_Steven_Spears

    news Britney talks B10

    I’m craving a new song so bad A new single for an August release would be good cause she has Brighton Pride and theres going to be a lot of attention on her there for sure.
  6. Does anyone know the timeline for circus cause I’m guessing this album was recorded in what 3-6 months. I think it’s an ok album but the best tracks are womaniser, circus, Unsual you, shattered glass, phoneography, The rest was just fillers. And the bonus tracks should of just been included as tracks cause they were so good.
  7. Mr_Steven_Spears

    other Femme Fatale Tour could've been...

    I was sad when the stage got butchered once it left the u.s
  8. I k ow Britney can be to blame but I just think it’s her team mostly. I mean Larrys mindset is still stuck in the early 2000’s. And RCA have been average with a huge star like Britney. I am tiered of the half assing promo and lack of great performances, so B10 era really needs to step it up. Her 20th anniversary is a great launch pad with the hype it will have to make B10 a commercial success. We need a really great 1st single with a great video and some iconic promo performances. I will I’ll always love Britney but it’s so fraustrating with her last 2 eras been lack lustter even though Glory is one of her best albums.
  9. I like the Circus era and tour remixes. Performance wise POM 2.0 womanizer she’s just slayed it
  10. Mr_Steven_Spears

    music Glory hits 801k copies sold worldwide SPS

    Tinashe was great if Britney had properly promoted slumber party with her the song would of done so much better, she could of easily done some promo performances with her on tv. Glory was a great album it’s just now a shame it’s gonna just be a hidden gem from most of the GP
  11. Mr_Steven_Spears

    event Can We Agree Billboard 2016 Awards

    This is a performance that will always be played by me, she killed it that night was so good to her body on fire, her dancing was better and she was having fun. I was just so gutted she didn’t add Gimme More
  12. Mr_Steven_Spears

    exhale Britney + Janet

    I’d love a single with both of them with an amazing video
  13. Mr_Steven_Spears

    music Glory hits 801k copies sold worldwide SPS

    I’d says that’s good considering we only got 2 singles from and some mini promo. If only they milked this album with more singles and amazing videos: Love me down Liar change your mind