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  1. What do you guys think of Mannequin?

    Flawless song
  2. Have you watched this again?

    Never again will I torture myself and watch that awful film again once was enough They couldn’t even get her costumes right
  3. I hate Fu*kin waiting

    Britney is our oxygen
  4. POLL: How I Roll VS If I'm Dancing

    If I’m dancing.....wish this had the single & video treatment
  5. The brit awards suck anyway I mean the likes of Stormzy wins 2
  6. So what is next? four months of Nothing happening

    More instagram fashion shows Maybe a few weeks rehearsals but tbh in hope she rehearse’s a lot more, she really needs to slay the uk
  7. [Piece of me World Tour] Who, where, what ?

    Blackpool golden circle for me
  8. Who’s going to Blackpool

  9. Who’s going to Blackpool

    I have golden circle tickets me and my friend are going. Anyone else going ? Maybe make a group chat closer to the time Maybe someone bring music and we all bring alcohol and we can have a Britney party in front of the stage before she comes on