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  1. Mr_Steven_Spears

    event Can We Agree Billboard 2016 Awards

    This is a performance that will always be played by me, she killed it that night was so good to her body on fire, her dancing was better and she was having fun. I was just so gutted she didn’t add Gimme More
  2. Mr_Steven_Spears

    exhale Britney + Janet

    I’d love a single with both of them with an amazing video
  3. Mr_Steven_Spears

    music Glory hits 801k copies sold worldwide SPS

    I’d says that’s good considering we only got 2 singles from and some mini promo. If only they milked this album with more singles and amazing videos: Love me down Liar change your mind
  4. Mr_Steven_Spears

    other Did the sweet dreams interlude change?

    This and BTI interlude was everything
  5. Iconic phrase everyone knows it’s
  6. ‘Fading Popstar’ She is still relevant...her Vegas show was a huge sucesss. And her Her tour is a sellout