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  1. 11 minutes ago, Alexanda said:

    Well i am pretty sure black and white people invented things, that's what i wanted to say with my comment. But i only see black people want more and more credit for something.

    I never saw asian people claim don't wear Kimonos or anything like that for example. And imo the black community should give Miley more credit, she helped Mike Will Made It to become a rich producer (isn't he black?) and it shows thst she doesn't care about skincolor, that is actually the way it should be.

    The rest sounds like jealousy to me and Nicki Minaj tend to try to sell it as racism. Her rant to Taylor Swift for example.

    @Pedro Dantas





    Mike Will was already a known producer BEFORE Miley. You've lost our damn mind.

  2. If you look at the Work Bitch video where she says "party in france?" thats her classic britney face where she makes love to the camera. but in make me, she doesnt do that. its here and there throughout slumber party but not like womanizer. Even in that video which was right after the breakdown her facial expressions were killer. And in Radar she worked the camera like it was Slave.

  3. If Circus was too soon the the whole tour would have sucked. And judging by all the Get Naked and Radar performances she clearly cared. And it's not a mans fault I wish ppl would stop blaming everyone but her. She just didn't care. She's a woman, they are emotional creatures so she was probably just not into it.