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  1. it actually might be the only way the court would allow it because theyd see she had someone full time watching her as well, as crazy as it sounds
  2. depends on the song for me. id love her to tackle the full MATM and Slave routines, overprotected, etc. but for songs like OIDIA she could def change up the original choreo and id be fine with it. side note , id LOVE for her to perform stronger, original version, with the CHAIR ROUTINE on stage. that would be amazing.
  3. the one in the black is killing those vocals huh
  4. invitation is such a solid song and its the perfect fit for the opener
  5. not bad for the lil promo we got and only 2 singles. it could do a lot better if there was actually a push behind it by the label and team britney. shes not the type of artist that can sell without any sort of promo and the initial album launch promo isnt enough. she needs to get out there for the 2nd single, and maybe, dare i say, release a 3rd and 4th single and promote those as well to have any sort of sales success.
  6. you were born in 2002? o man you missed out on a lot haha. lets just say britney was EVERYWHERE and almost anything she did made headlines. she paved the way for so many artists and trends today its not even funny.