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  1. Britney takes an hourly rate of $450,000
  2. source? I've never heard that. And even if it's true, no one is gonna see it that way. I'd rather have her in a weird yellow costume than a basic pretty dress.
  3. Points for using a vibrant yellow color (an attempt at making another iconic outfit - I don't get the complaints) The choreography was OK - she just needed to put more energy in it and make it more fluent. It was awkward at times (knee tapping). Good to see G-Eazy on stage with her, but the Me Myself & I part was unnecessary even though her vocals slayed. Glad to see the world's biggest star Kim K present Britney (I don't know why people don't mention that?) Points for keeping it simple but she really needed a harder choreography like Single Ladies video. overall 6/10
  4. oooh I like this outfit more
  5. ok im a flop but where is that gif from? she didn't wear that in the private show commercial?